Sweet Sibling Shots

As it turns out, I've been missing out on a guilty pleasure of mine I didn't know about.  
Having a daughter and a son prevented me from dabbling in the world of matching outfits.  Until now I've only had the option to "coordinate" outfits, but now that I have two boys, look out world...  
I've discovered the joy of identical clothing!  
 Before Walker was born, Carter and I noticed that the little play outfit we had just picked up for him one day at Costco, was also for sale in a tiny version at the Carter's store.  Naturally, I had to buy it knowing it would be fun to put on Walker after he was born.  I'm so glad I did that! 
 Now that Walker is out of newborn clothes it was finally the perfect size, so much to Carter's excitement, we put Walkie in the same fireman shirt and shorts and I grabbed my camera.  
Because I couldn't let this moment go undocumented, right??
Oh man do I love them!!!  Can you stand how chilled out and alert Walker is in these shots?  
 I sent Ava to put on her new navy and white outfit too and before I knew it, I couldn't handle the cuteness of all 3 together! 
 My heart is so full seeing these 3...
 ...I regularly pinch myself when I remember that they are all mine!  
My cup is full and overflowing with joy!!
 Even Walker can't believe how adorable he and his big sister and brother are!!  Look at those big eyes! 
 My parent's sectional provided the perfect backdrop and because Walker was wide awake and alert, I just kept taking pictures.  
 I love that he is noticing his siblings more and more, what a blessed little guy he is to have Ava and Carter to grow up with.  
They sure love him! 
You can be sure that I will now be looking for matching outfits for my boys and something for Ava to wear, to coordinate with them.  I just can't help it, it's too much fun!!  I love having 3 kids! 

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