Easter 2015

We were able to spend Easter in Iowa this year at my parent's house. It was a gorgeous day and the kids had fun after we got home from Church, looking for eggs and digging for treats in their Easter Baskets. I always love the joy of Easter morning after we've spent time talking and praying with the kids in the weeks leading up to Easter. They are able to articulate so much of the crucifixion and resurrection now and it is amazing to hear their childlike faith and be reminded that God delights in simple belief and obedience. I love them and I love our little traditions...They aren't perfect, we don't have elaborate routines, we just try to be intentional when and where we can. We do pray these memories and traditions will be like seeds of truth planted deeply in their souls! 

The Armstrong Easter Trio 
Walker was killin us in that outfit, and that little grin on his face????  I could barely take these without wanting to stop and smother him in kisses! 

Daddy and his youth group  :) 
These monkeys are the best. They keep us on our toes for sure, but at the end of the day, what a wildly satisfying and FUN ride it is to parent them. 

My parents are loving this new season of life with all these grandbabies! 

Chocolate dipped peeps, who knew? 
Carter was on a mission for candy, which is his sole focus at most holidays! ha ha! 
And Walker licked the puffs container while Sawyer clapped for him! 
We had a picture perfect afternoon for an egg hunt too! 
What a gorgeous Easter Sunday!!

Just a sweet day with family, celebrating Jesus and the new life He brings! 


Spring Break 2015

I'm guessing this might be the only year we have this desire, but on day one of Spring Break Ava woke me up to see if we could do a sight word worksheet! Ha ha! I kissed her and said, No! It's Spring Break, we need a break! And by we, I mean ME  :) 
In my defense, I was also sick and spend the first 3 days of our break in bed. I was in the middle of the same virus that Walker had and it was brutal. So doing a worksheet was not at the top of my priority list, but I sure love the little Kindergarten student who was missing school already! 
And thankfully this little peanut was also back to normal! 
Just missing his Mommy doing everything for him :) 
The first big surprise on Spring break was a long-anticipated, lost tooth!
We have been waiting and wondering when the treasured tooth would finally fall out and when I jokingly told her to just yank it out, she just did! And with big eyes and some smiles from both of us, there it was. It's pretty hilarious how teeny, tiny that little tooth is! 
I was woefully un-prepared for lost teeth and all that goes along with it, so we scrambled a bit to find something for her tooth so that the tooth fairy could see it. Because yes, she was now bound to make a visit. 
The tooth fairy got a hand-written note, which I'm not sure anyone could decipher but her!
I love our little toothless artist! 
Thankfully the Tooth Fairy reads notes of all kinds and she made an overnight visit! 
I don't want to expose anyone's secrets, but when the Tooth Fairy remembered she needed to descend upon a certain little girl's bedroom, she realized she hadn't written a hand written note in awhile herself and she couldn't quite remember exactly what she should say? 
Luckily, Ava was delighted at the sight of a note and a dollar to keep! 
After I returned to the land of the living, we took our cute pies out for dinner, something we hadn't attempted much of with all 3!  Just a couple of bros, eating some BBQ! 
We had our doubts that this one could handle it, but of course he proved us wrong by being a perfect angel, and a ham on top of that.  Look at those eyes! 
He had us laughing when he kept touching Carter's face and giggling!  
Everything is a discovery for Walker right now. 
He's just so darn cute, isn't he? 
Ava and I had a special treat when got to go see Cinderella with our neighbor and her granddaughter. She had already seen it with Travis but I was so anxious to see it with my little girl. We both love a fairy tale and the story of Cinderella is one of the best!