Hannah and Bryant Wedding 5.29.11

I know I say this everytime, but seriously, this might be my favorite wedding so far! 
I mean with a color scheme like this, it's truly work to screw it up!
A mix of yellows and more importantly, textures.
Ahhh, hydrangeas.  Big ones and mini green ones.
One of God's many gifts to florists all over! Ha!
So the back story of this wedding is, Hannah and Bryant are a referral from a bride last summer.  One of my favorite brides, actually.  She called me about her friend Hannah, who had this "very different" idea for her reception and needed some help pulling it together.  As soon as I met her, I knew I was going to love this wedding!  So unusual, so simple and very unique.  I was sold!  We met several times this winter and I think I was able to put her at ease because I immediately caught her vision for what she wanted.  She was after a vintage/modern look that wasn't fussy or overly done.  While that probably makes no sense and is definitely not a grammatical gem, it made perfect sense to me!  I decided to take this on as my one and only wedding this summer and I'm so glad I did.  It was the perfect amount of work, I LOVED this bride and groom and I knew I would LOVE the finished product!  So, be forewarned...there are over 50 pictures in this post!  I know.  But I just coundn't omit any because...well, you'll see why!   While I mostly just did the reception, we did add a few things to the ceremony sight.  The whole wedding took place in an apple orchard and it was just...enchanting to say the least.  Would have loved to see it at dusk, with candles lit, but even in the bright sunshine and warm air it was delightful. 
So, here we go...
Gazebo where the vows took place
A little something for the unity sand ceremony :)
And one reason why brides should book me?  They didn't order this, but I had some extra flowers and time, so I was happy to throw this together at the last minute.  
I think it finished off an otherwise very bare table, right?
I like doing little things like this when I can.  That's why I go with couples I like :)
Then it's fun to bless them!
Soft and romantic with a pop of bold and modern.
Another little extra touch, just because.
Roses are seriously underestimated because they are so commercially used and produced.  But honestly, when used well, they are stunning every time.  And inexpensive and hardy. 
Umm, gorgeous??
That was the backdrop with the grove of apple trees back there and if you really look closely, that's Bryant (the groom) waiting there for the first glimpse of his bride.
I tried to focus on my work and not stare...
I had plenty to do...
But come on!!  How romantic is that?? And how beautiful will those pictures be???
I am such a sucker for moments like this and to witness it live? 
My helper Hayley and I enjoyed it very much!  Then we went back to work. Hauling buckets back and forth on this enchanted path between the ceremony and reception site.  If I wasn't so busy I would have taken more shots of this path, there was a covered bridge for crying out loud!  So pretty.
And here is the sweet bride. 
In her Grandmother's veil, which her Mom also wore. 
Isn't that amazing??  I love stuff like that.
So far you're probably wondering, what's so different about this wedding??  Well I'm about to show you.  Beginning with the cake table.  Which is actually a cupcake, cookie and candy table.  Yum??
While I didn't do the bridal party flowers, I did order the flowers for Hannah's friend, who did them.  There was a time I wouldn't have agreed to that probably.  Would have wanted to do all or nothing.  But what a relief to share the burden (especially considering the week I had with my kids) AND to let her childhood friend do this for her.  She did a great job and I witnessed her showing Hannah the bouquets for the first time, which made Hannah cry.  As it should when something like that is shared between friends.  So thankful the Lord helped me release that early on and just enjoy a lesser role. 
Because I did enjoy it! 
Ok, back to one of the many sweet touches and those cupcakes, which I was drooling over.
Her mom did all the signs.
It wasn't set up yet, but they had a lemonade bar and a coffee bar.
And Famous Dave's BBQ, which would have made Trav drool!
But here's where I come in.  The bulk of my work was wrapped up in centerpieces.  But rather than the norm, 2 or 3 styles of high and low arrangements, every single table was different.  And full of unique things Hannah has been collecting.  Some family heirlooms, some flea market finds, some gifts from friends and some new things too.  But all hers.  And all resting on a mix of custom runners she and her friends made.  I simply complimented everything with flowers and a few succulents.  And it was so stunning when we put it all together!  What a great way to do something that is different, personal and beautiful.  I couldn't eliminate too many of these because I just loved every table!

Fiddlehead ferns.
So fun to work with!
Can you see our mix of old and new?  Vintage and modern?  Soft and bold?  There is no way to capture this without seeing the whole thing, not to mention chairs, table settings and people, but it was really so fun and so beautiful.
The head table.
The empty vases in the middle were for the girls' bouquets. 
 Love the white milk glass goblets!
She wanted this on the head table because it was her Grandmother's and she loved it. 

I left hours before the whole thing was set up, but I'm anxious to see the photographer's shots from the night.  I'm sure it was gorgeous.  Just what they were hoping for!
Considering I went into this day with 3 hours of sleep and every last nerve of mine, frazzled...I am so happy with how it came together.  It was a fun one and the perfect amount of work. 
Congratulations Hannah and Bryant!!