One Last Look at Fall

Before the icy winds blew in and the flakes started to fly, we got one last walk at the park during our glorious Fall.  We took advantage of a sunny afternoon and went for a stroll near one of our favorite lakes for the last time this season.  It was a gorgeous day, just a week or so beyond the peak colors with only a few leaves still clinging to the trees.  I wish I would have made it here about a two weeks prior when all the trees were full of color but even on this late October day, the beauty was not lacking.  

Not too shabby, Minnesota.  
Not too shabby at all...


4 Months Old

Walker Cole, you are 4 months old! 
You continue to delight us and amuse us as we watch you grow and develop into the happy little guy that you are.  This has been another fun month with you and as I look back at these pictures, I can't believe how much you've changed in just a month. Taking your picture in this chair was a little more challenging this month because you're starting to move and wiggle and have an opinion now!  I could barely get you to sit up, never mind sitting still!  That little grin you have says it all.  You humor your Mama but I can already tell you've got a mind of your own! 
 At your doctor's appt this month, we learned that you: 
-weigh 14 pounds and 7 ounces, which puts you in the 42nd percentile
-measure 26.25 inches long, which keeps you in the 90th percentile
Translation?  You are tall and thin!  Just a little below the weight they'd like you to be at so your doctor recommended we start adding calories to your diet via oatmeal, rice cereal, and baby food!  WOW!!  We were not expecting that so soon, but I think you are ready.  
 You really began acting and doing more big boy things this month, like sitting in your bumbo and on my hip.  Your head control is much, much stronger now and you just don't wobble around like you used to. The bumbo is not your favorite. You like it for about 10 minutes and then you want nothing to do with it!
 You got a visit from your Texie this month and she couldn't believe how much you had changed!  We love to see your smiles so much now, you really light up when someone talks to you and smiles at you. Your face is so sweet, Walker. I love that little chin!
 Your Daddy finished coaching this month, which meant you got reacquainted with him again!  You started out this month logging lots of time in the baby bjorn, but by the end of the month you weren't quite as eager to sleep in it.  You just like to look around and enjoy the view now! 
 You continue to log many, many miles in your carseat! Thankfully you don't really cry when I put you in there, as long as you have something soft to cuddle and some dangling toys to play with.  We are also starting to see you take your paci out of your mouth more and more so that you can suck on your fingers.  You make the most hilarious smacking sound while you do it!  Sometimes Daddy and I laugh at night when we hear you doing it in your crib! 
 And speaking of your crib, you take two good naps in there now, sometimes three if it's been a busy day and if one of your other naps was cut short.  We have a little routine, you and I, involving me rocking  you and singing Jesus Loves You over and over until you drift off to sleep.  I love that quiet time with you Walker.  You seem to love it too, most of the time you don't fight a nap at all and you go right to sleep.  You are a lot like your brother, you love a soft blankie with you and for the last two months we had to prop one side of you up with a rolled-up blanket while your doctor monitored a potential flat spot on the other side.  Thankfully our diligence paid off and it looks great now!  
 You celebrated Carter's 4th birthday with us this month and got to wear your first party hat! You loved being up at the table with the rest of us, checking out what was going on! 
It was mostly beautiful weather this month so we go to do some really fun family outings with you.  
We took you to the Apple Orchard and you cuddled up with Daddy and I while your brother and sister ran wild! Next year we know you'll be doing what you can to keep up with them too!
We made another trip to Iowa to see Grammy and Grampy.  You are a great little traveler and most of the time you sleep in the car, which we LOVE!!  I'm hoping you'll stay flexible because you've been in the car so much during your first four months.  
 While we were there you and your cousin Sawyer did some playing, well maybe more like laying together! You guys are going to be good friends as you continue to grow! 
 Your play mat has become one of your best places to play now.  You really yank on all the toys and kick the toy bars, making everything shake and jingle!  
 We get such a kick out of you because you are definitely NOT passive anymore! 
 You are getting so close to rolling over!  You get al the way on your side and sometimes your hips and legs roll completely over, but you haven't quite engaged your shoulder or torso yet!  I keep the camera handy because I know it will happen very soon  :) 
 Toward the end of the month we took you to the pumpkin patch for your own pumpkin! 
 It is so fun to see you in the mix with Ava and Carter and to start all of our family traditions with you! 
 You've started to belly laugh now and Mommy can really get you going more than anyone else! 
 At night you are sleeping from about 9:30-7:30.  It's wonderful!!  We are loving that so much.  
 You still take a paci but as you can see here, you suck on your thumb sometimes as well.  
 This month you found your voice and boy do you like to use it!  You babble sometimes or just randomly yell out. We laugh so hard at you when you get started because you're so animated and clearly passionate about being heard.  That will probably be the story of your life with two older siblings! 
 People ask me if you really are as happy as you seem to always be?  The answer is yes.  You are a great-natured baby and unless you are hungry, your diaper is full or you need a nap, you are very happy and full of smiles.  I love that about you, Walker.  You've been such a sweet addition to our family and you have brought so much joy to all of us! 
 Ava adores you and you really light up for her.  You stare at her and break out into a grin every time. She loves to sing you songs or tell you stories.  She misses you when she's at school and I think you miss her, judging by your reaction when we comes home.  She takes very good care of you and when Mommy is busy doing something or helping Carter, she often steps in to get you what you need.  You're going to love having such a great big sister! 
Carter is your buddy all day long!  He can get big smiles out of you and sometimes a few tears too.  He loves BIG and he likes to show you with a hug that can be a little suffocating at times!  I can tell you get a little nervous when Carter comes bounding your way but I know as you get bigger and stronger you are going to LOVE having a big brother to play with and wrestle with and run around with!  
You and Daddy took lots of walks together while Ava and Carter played at the park and when it was warm enough, you went on a run or two with Dad in the jogger stroller.  I'm so glad we had a nice Fall so you could enjoy being outside because very soon you will be inside for quite a few months! 
You saw so much of the world from this view! 
I love seeing you in your stroller because I know this season of you being little is fleeting.  
We love you Walkie!  You are a happy and healthy four month old and we are so thankful! 
Can't wait for all that lies ahead in the coming months!