Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween from the Armstrong 3! 
 We had such a fun day with our little pumpkins and of course I've got a million pictures to share! 
I'll spare you a lot of words, they mostly speak for themselves.  

 We took the easy way out this year with the pumpkins.  Neither of us could get excited or find the energy to carve them so I talked the kids into painted pumpkins instead! Still some work, but way easier than carving.  We missed roasting pumpkin seeds, but we got over it in about 5 minutes :) 
 Sweetness x 3! 

And now, for the big costume reveal...
We were inspired this year by a birthday gift Carter received from my parents...
Is he not the cutest football player you've ever seen??  
I don't care if you like the Hawkeyes or not, he is too much!!
Every great football player needs a cheerleader, right??

I will say the same about Miss Ava, she is the cutest!!  

 Although we do have an Iowa jersey for this little peanut, we went the sentimental route for Walker's first Halloween and put him in the same costume his sister and brother wore when they were babies too! 
 The cutest little caterpillar! 

 Happy Halloween from these three cuties! 
 And unprompted kiss attack from these two, yes, Walker is under that pile! 

 This little brother is seriously adored.  
 We've now reached the age of "lets make a crazy face" photography! 
 These two love it.  Walker remains unaware! 

 We could not love them more! 

 Goofy runs in the family!  
Except for Walker.  He hasn't joined the crazy party yet :) 
 As we've been done for several years, we spent the night at my cousin's house, making the rounds in their neighborhood.
 We attempted the quest for a family photo...

 With 5 of us now, it's become even more of an adventure to get everyone looking AND smiling at the same time.  I'm going to say it's nearly impossible now!  But I don't give up easily :) 
 Touchdown dances from the Hawkeye crew! 
 You can't really tell very well because we live in Minnesota and it's freezing on Halloween here, but Travis was sporting a ref's uniform too! 
 I didn't think to get a picture of the two of us, mostly because I was so exhausted from getting everyone ready all day, but Rhonda and I enjoyed the evening with some cider, her famous pumpkin cookies and a fire, while we passed out candy to trick or treaters. 
Grace stayed inside with Walker while he napped the night away...
And these three hit the streets with Brian to fill those buckets with candy!  
It was a sweet and simple Halloween and we had a great time.  These are precious days of making memories and adding Walker to the mix was the best TREAT of all!  

And just for fun, here are Ava and Carter in the early days as the original caterpillars! 
 Ava was 6 months old here. 
She was the female version with her hair bow and leggings! 
This is Ava but wow does she look like Walker to me! 
 And this is Carter at only 3-ish weeks old! 
 Look at all that dark hair! 
He was a BIG baby!  He is almost as long as that costume at only 3 weeks!  Walker is about the same length today at 4 months!  
What fun memories for us to treasure and pictures to look back on and enjoy!  
It was a great Halloween for the Armstrongs and we are ALL enjoying the candy today!!

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