Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Tonight we spent a fabulous summer evening, watching one of our favorite baseball players take the field!  Ava, if you can't tell, was excited from the minute we arrived and set up her little chair!
We met all of my cousins, my uncle and my cousins' kids to cheer on Ryan in his final baseball game of the year.  
The weather was amazing, the fields were beautiful, and our seats were up close and personal :) 
So with great anticipation...
...We held our breath while he stood at bat and watched him get a base hit all three times!  
We also cheered wildly (can't you sense Ava's excitement here???)...
...while he scored each time!!  
Although she is stoic looking in all of these pictures, trust me when I tell you that she had a WONDERFUL time with all of her cousins, marching around that ball field like she owned the place!  She loved sitting in her little chair, and then climbing out and back in at least a dozen times, and it didn't take her long to get the hang of clapping and cheering for anyone who was up to bat.  
And most of the time when she wasn't being held, her juice cup, her baby and her blankie were tightly clutched in her sweaty little arms.  In fact, Travis started calling her Linus, because I'm pretty sure she drug that blankie through most of the dirt she encountered :) 
Ryan did a great job and made us all proud!  He had the largest cheering section by far, including 1 Grandpa, 10 adults, 12 kids, 1 toddler and 1 dog.  I'd say that's a pretty good ratio of fans for a 9 year old!!  He was so fun to watch and he hammed up his performance for all us in the crowd :) 

Afterwards we celebrated at my cousin Jenny and Chris' house with some appetizers and ice-cream and the kind of fun that a big family brings!  What a sweet blessing for us, and now for Ava, to have our big extended family so close.  I love that she is growing up with so many people, big and little, who love her and pass her around like she's just one of them.  She eats up all the attention and one day soon, Carter will too.  It was a beautiful summer night and we were thankful to spend it with people we love.  On Sunday we'll leave with 5 of my cousins kids for camp all week!  2 are going as counselors and 3 as campers.  It's so sweet to know that no matter where we are, Ava usually has a cousin (or 2, or 5, or 13) to run to!  We are blessed to be in Minnesota for many reasons, but our family is one of the biggest blessings of all.  The Lord was good to us when he called us here!!


On My Mind Today....

-Praise the Lord it's cooler!!  103 heat index yesterday was torture.  Especially since I was in it for 3 hours. With 5 kids...At least we were at a pool and I was wise enough to abandon my pride and be in it too.  I may be 7 months pregnant, but I'm not stupid :) 

-I'm totally and completely excited about junior high camp next week!  I know, am I crazy??  Right now the count is at 110 campers, 30+ staff, plus Ava and I :) She is going to be out of her mind with all the kids, constant activity, attention and freedom to run!  And I'm going to be out of my mind because I don't have to cook, clean or go to the grocery store for a week!  Not to mention I'll have 110 eager helpers all around me.  Yep, camp sounds heavenly to me at this point!  

-I'm missing my entire family who are having fun in Virginia Beach this week!  Unfortunately the timing didn't work out for us to join them this particular week, but we wish it would have.  We skyped last night with both Texie and all of my family...Ava was thoroughly confused I think!  She likes to touch everyone's faces on the screen but I think she can't figure out why they don't touch her back :)   Thank Heaven for skype though, it makes long distances seem so much shorter!  

-I am slowly but deliberately picking more things up for our sweet little Carter!  My nesting instincts are in overdrive and lately I've just been feeling more and more excited about having him here with us.  I can't wait to meet him, to see all of his little features, to hear his newborn cry and feel that euphoria of parenthood all over again.  I've felt guilty about the lack of time I've been able to devote to him already in this pregnancy, but in a strange way, I'm also thinking that's the Lord helping me realize that every child is different and so is each of their experiences.  There are things that will be unique to little Carter that weren't  so with Ava and vice versa.  I'm choosing not to let guilt eat me alive and to remember that it's always authored by the father of lies, never the Lord.  I'm still transitioning into the world of "boys" but it is exciting to me to think of us having a daughter and a son.  Plus, I'm learning how to find the cute clothes, as opposed to the truckloads of lame clothes that are out there!  It's 10 times more of a challenge, but that's part of the fun too :) Carter has already carved a place in our hearts and now we're really enjoying the idea of carving a place in our home for him too.  It may be a closet, but it will be his!  With all kinds of treasures lovingly and deliberately chosen by his Mom.  Someone remind him of that when he's older and discovers that his first nursery was a walk in closet!!  Back me up people :) 

-I bought a new candle yesterday because I realized we've burned most of ours and it's making me smile today.  We are both candle people :) We like the smell of a rich candle burning and we like the ambiance around here too.  It's the simple things, right??  I'm thinking we're overdue for a candle-lit dinner, after Ava goes to bed.  We had a really good discussion last night about being more intentional with our time for each other and date nights.  It's not feasible for us to be out every week and hire a baby-sitter each time, but we can do as many date nights in as we need!  I think I'm going to stop and pick up a few things for that today...I love that kind of stuff and Homegoods or a thrift store are great places to pick that up!  Fun glasses to drink out of, special candles, real napkins and a great menu :) Kind of makes me excited for bedtime already!!  I'm convinced it doesn't always take much money or grand plans to build a good marriage.  Sometimes little pleasures, intentional timing, and attention to each other will work wonders...

-Finally, there is a reason I only make spaghetti about once a month right now!  
It is my child's favorite meal by far and Travis and I really love it too....
But I can only handle the clean-up from this meal about once every 30 days!!  

What a little cutie she is, even when she's covered from head to toe in sauce!  She ate 2 platefuls of spaghetti, plus watermelon, plus bread and before she could even get that last bite in her mouth, her bath water was already waiting for her :)  We were amazed at how much she was able to get in her mouth with her little fork, but it didn't take long for her to realize that she could eat faster and more by just shoving it in.  We laughed a lot during dinner last night, which really is worth every ounce of sauce that landed on the floor...



Today was such a day of bliss for Ava and I!  We stayed home and got caught up on just about everything.  I did all kinds of laundry, paid bills, cleaned my kitchen, picked up the house and played with my little redhead.  All in all, a great day and just what we needed.  We have been so busy lately and Ava has been such a trooper.  She's had more babysitters in the last week than she has in the last 2 months!  BUT, the wonderful thing is that we've finally reached a stage where she actually enjoys going to other people and does really well with a babysitter.  She handled all the transition so well and eased my Mommy guilt tremendously.  And that, is a beautiful thing :)
Since we've been home however, she's quickly morphed back into her quirky ways.  She is currently obsessed with Ryley for instance.  She wants to walk him, take him out, put him on a leash or ride him like a horse.  And because he is a sweet dog, he lets her do almost all of that , all day long :)  We're so thankful he's a golden and so good with kids...
...because she basically thinks he is her own, personal jungle gym!  At any given time of the day, she is laying on him, sitting on him, climbing on him or trying to give him a hug.  Fortunately, he does seem to like her, but he only takes it for so long and then he usually hides someplace quiet :) It cracks me up that we somehow ended up with a red haired dog and daughter...Maybe we really do fit that scenario of dogs who resemble their owners??  
Every time we take him out to go to the bathroom or for a walk, she also insists on going with and holding his leash.  It's a classic case of letting her think she has all the control when in reality, if we let go of our end, he'd be walking her for sure!  I'm certain one of her favorite parts of the day is taking Ryley out with her Daddy.  She runs to the door almost as fast as Ryley does and pulls on Trav's pant legs until he picks her up and takes her with.  She loves it and I've caught her several times trying to snap her fingers at Ryley and call him, just like we do.  She's definitely growing up with no fear around dogs as she thinks every dog she sees loves her just as much as Ryley.  I'm glad she's not afraid, but there is nothing wrong with a little healthy fear either!  Not every dog is as sweet as ours :) 

Finally, it seems her fascination with climbing only increases every day.  While I was doing the dishes, I realized I hadn't heard her for a few minutes.  When I turned off the water and started to look for her, this is what I saw as I glanced in her room.  She opened her drawer, climbed in, sat down and started helping me "sort" her clothes.  What a little helper, right??  Yeah, not so much...I also found her walking on the couch, jumping (or leaping) off the ottomans and trying with all her might to stand on top of her little piano.  I'm certain this is total payback for my own climbing behavior as a child!  Somewhere, my Mother is reading this, laughing her head off at how the tables have turned.  Uh huh, I know...I deserve this.  She is nothing short of entertaining and exhausting, but don't tell me the Lord doesn't have a good sense of humor!!  After all, He created her spunky and quirky little personality and I know that when He did it, He said that it was good :) 

We are happily up to nothing over here, enjoying these last few months of alone time, before Ava's favorite playmate joins the chaos.  I think about the days ahead and wonder how we'll survive and yet, I can't wait for her to have a little brother to play with and grow up with.  I just wonder how much more trouble she'll be in with an accomplice???  Oh well, it's a good thing "His mercies are new every morning!" because I have a feeling I'm going to need mercy in every area possible...



Wondering where I've been since last Tuesday???
Well, it had a little something to do with this....

I'm happy, thankful, relieved, and exhausted, but I made it through my last wedding of the summer and this preggo Mama could not be happier.  28 weeks pregnant is not an ideal state for being on your feet all day, walking up and down stairs and delivering huge flower arrangements all over the city!  But, by the grace of God and with the help of some very sweet friends and family, I made it through and I'm happy to report that it all went well.  As a reward for my hard work, I've thoroughly let myself enjoy the weekend after the stress and busyness of last week.  My hair is shorter, blonder and my feet have had an hour's worth of attention paid to them.  Ahhhhh.....

I'm still rounding up pictures (read-stalking people on facebook for them) of the wedding so I can show you all the nitty gritty details, but I thought you might enjoy a little sneak peak into all the pink that was my world last week.  It was a fun wedding and a pretty color scheme, very girly!  

Tomorrow I'm hoping to carve out some time for a real post, with some pictures of the blog star (ava) as well as some stories and thoughts about our last couple of days.  But tonight, I'm taking my key lime yogurt and a good book and I'm snuggling in for a little bit before I call it quits on the weekend.  

For the first time in months, I'm actually looking ahead at our calendar with NO STRESS and am ready to enjoy what's left of summer!  In fact, Ava and I have a date with"Mr. Routine" tomorrow...we desperately need to be reacquainted... 
Soooo on that note, until you see me reappear on here, I hope you've had a wonderful weekend too and a great start to your week!  Happy Monday :) 


Going on a Bear Hunt...

...what will we see???
Today Ava and Barrett and I braved the heat for some fun at the Minnesota Zoo!  It was a beautiful day, although at 28 weeks pregnant with a toddler and a 4 year old, "beautiful" becomes very relative, very fast!  The kiddos were perfect actually, totally fascinated with all the animals and all the exhibits we saw, but it didn't take long for me to grow weary of sweat running down my face and in every crevice of my body for me to wonder why I ever thought a trip to the zoo in mid-July was a good idea?!?  I'm hoping this counts for serious "mom points" in Ava's book someday because I was feeling like a idiot for attempting it almost as soon as we arrived!  Thank goodness our wonderful state zoo has plenty of indoor trails too!!  

After we exhausted our indoor options, I did throw the "let's try and see the grizzly bears" out there as my one attempt at some outdoor time.  THANKFULLY we had a FANTASTIC experience with those bears and they were right in front of us the whole time!!
The last time I was at this exhibit, these two bears were just babies and much, much smaller.  As you can see, they have grown!  It was amazing and slightly terrifying to see them so up close and personal.
And to our delight, this bear stood just feet from us, scratching his back on that log for several minutes.  It was very amusing!  Gotta love it when the zoo animals perform for the humans!!
Just before we left, we got another treat when this bear jumped in the water, only inches from us!
Again, totally incredible but don't think I didn't consider several times just how "safe" that glass was between us!  This bear actually pressed his face right up against that glass, making all the kids squeal and giggle with joy!  One look at his teeth however, made me start looking for the exits!
When I first started nannying for Barrett and his brothers, he was only 9 mo. old...Now he's 4!!  I can't even tell you how much Ava loves these boys and how much they adore her!  We've had such a fun time this summer spending one day a week with them.  And we've been able to do some things I'm not sure I would have attempted otherwise :) 
This was as close as I could get to a decent picture with these two!  Today was Ava's first time at the Zoo and although we wished Daddy were with us, she seemed to really enjoy it!  She sat so still and attentive in her stroller, which is so unlike her, taking all of the animals in.  I would show her one and then she'd point at it with wide eyes and just watch it until we moved on.  What a cutie, can't wait until she can talk and interact with me!  I'm sure we'll be regulars at the zoo in a few years!!  It was a great day but I am sooooo glad to be home and out of the heat.  
This Momma can only take so much sweating with a baby belly this size...
I'll be the first one to admit, I'm more of an a/c girl than an outdoors girl!  
Travis likes to remind me of that frequently...


Where Did the Weekend Go??

Little turtle meets big turtle...
This weekend was a fun one in our house, but a big one too!  Saturday we endured the heat and tornado warnings by going to the splash pad for awhile with Ava and my Mom and Dad, who came  up for the weekend. Just to be clear, we went to the splash pad before the tornado warnings, not after :)  It was a wild weather day with horrible humidity and strong storms, followed by a cool rain and more storms.  Sounds like summer to me!  
Since she was wearing her turtle swimsuit, we thought it would be fitting to introduce her to the giant turtle she usually ignores :)  Although she looks shell-shocked (ha ha ha, no pun intended!) she did love sitting on him and getting sprayed by the water he was "spitting" out!  Travis was really sweet to spend most of the time in the water with her and let me sit and watch with my parents.  She is getting so brave and big, but she's fearless and a constant amount of work right now!  
You cannot leave her alone for a second in the water :) Lucky for both us, Daddy was right there to help!  
When we got home, the grill master in our house got right to work grilling up his latest specialty, corn on the cob!  
Doesn't that look amazing??  It was!  We have a little farmer's stand really close to us and we've been buying lots of fresh produce lately and throwing it on the grill.  One of our neighbors showed us a great way to grill corn on the cob and Travis has gotten really good at it this week! 
We both love corn on the cob, but now we love it grilled so much better.  I think it's the perfect summer meal, but what else can you expect a girl from Iowa to say???
The big part of our weekend came this morning when we all got to listen to Travis preach in "big church!"  My parents came up to hear him too and we had a wonderful time.  
I will fully admit that I am nothing but biased and non-objective, but I think he did a great job and I was very, very proud of him.  I was able to go to both services and hear him, which was a fun treat.  He just amazes me in so many ways and I love to hear him teach the Word.  It's so very rewarding to see how God has orchestrated our world to bring us to this season in our lives.  From the handsome, young Bible study leader I fell in love with to a handsome Pastor with (almost) 2 kids, it's crazy to think about how our life has changed over the years!  I'm so thankful for my husband and so proud of him.  For our family members who are interested, you can hear and see the video of him on our Church website in a few days when they get it uploaded.  It's worth the watch :) 
I also happen to know that this little girl is very proud and thankful for her Daddy!  
She tells me everyday when her eyes sparkle and dance at the sight of him walking in the front door...

Now this picture just cracks me up for so many reasons.  First of all, check out Travis in the background, patiently waiting to take pictures that I requested, despite the fact that he was tired and ready to change in to something more comfortable...what a good sport!  And of course, how could you miss the giant shot of Ava, who was desperately trying to grab my camera while I was turning it on!  Our life is so funny these days, full of all these everyday moments that make both of us laugh.  It's a wild ride being a parent!  
Finally this afternoon, we were able to hang with some friends and relax in their pool before we grilled out.  It was the perfect way to end a great weekend!
Ava was perfect, enjoying all the time we spent outside and in the water.
It was a great weekend but I cannot believe it's over already!  Our summer is just flying by and yet we are enjoying so much of it.  I LOVE summer and this one has been full of precious memories I've tucked away in my heart.   
Although I could elaborate more about that, I can hardly keep my eyes open tonight, so I'm off to bed!  

Hope you have a happy Monday!!


Muddled Musings

Sooooo, is it Friday yet???  I'm not entirely sure where this week went or how I somehow missed most of it, but I can't believe it's Thursday afternoon already!  I have been feverishly working today, trying to play "catch-up" in lots of different things.  Between the wedding last week and Trav's Mom being with us this week, I let a lot of things go and pile up, so now I am digging my way back out.  Thankfully, most of it is just paperwork and emails.  My house is in tact and my laundry caught up!  All is not lost :)

I don't even know where to start about what's been going on in our life for the last few days, so I'm just going to leave you a random list of information.  Because really, that's all I'm about to offer.  Miscellaneous information.  Nothing of value, nothing too serious.  Just words and pictures.  Take it or leave it, I won't be offended...

 #1- Have I introduced you yet to the new pianist in our home??
Do not be alarmed by her lack of clothing or her INCREDIBLE hairstyle.  
She is what some would call "wild" or as I like to think of it, "artistic."  
We've apparently instilled a healthy dose of confidence in her, as she often breaks out into spontaneous applause for...herself.  
Her methods are not standard, I think she's a little bored with "normalized piano playing."
She much prefers to stand or perform a little jig while she plays...I can't be sure.  
I don't like to stand in the way of her artistic license.
I do know she is quite good at standing on the bench rather than sitting on it.  I haven't researched it, but I'm thinking all childhood prodigies probably begin their careers from this position.  Right??
Again, I just stand back and watch the "greatness" that bangs oozes out of the keys on a daily basis.  
She can't be contained people.  She's got "music" that needs to be played!  

#2-There is a phenomenon that occurs after each visit that either of our parents make.  Apparently we don't buy a lot of snacks, because whenever Trav's Mom or my Dad come to visit, they come armed with bags and bags of snacks.  Chips, candy, pop, chocolate covered name it, they bring it!  I'm glad to have it around while they are here, but the real danger begins as soon as they leave.  I believe the phenomenon is something like "You never know what you're missing til it's gone??"  As I type this, I am downing jumbo sized cheetos, drinking a sprite zero and munching on chocolate covered cashews.  And I'm doing it at a pace that would stun even those professional eaters that win those hot dog contests. I'm not going to lie, I feel a little out of control.  It's all coming back to me about why I don't buy this stuff to begin with!  If you see me in the next few days and I've got cheeto dust under my fingernails, or melted chocolate covered nuts in my purse, you'll know that you need to step in and help me.  

#3- I told Travis last night, I'm going to start praying for a wealthy benefactor to appear in my life, who would like to buy me a little flower shop and hire me to run it.  I've got several location possibilities, I just need someone who's got more money than I do.  And in this case, it wouldn't take much to achieve that! Ha Ha!!  Maybe it's because I'm in between 2 weddings, maybe it's because now would be the dumbest time to take on something of that magnitude, or maybe it's because I've always dreamed it, but I really want a cute little flower shop to work out of.  Nothing big, nothing fancy, just a little wedding shoppe.  You never know....

#4- Despite my best intentions, I have fallen behind greatly in my attempts to take a weekly preggo picture.  You know, like I did without fail for Ava??  I'm already dreaming up excuses and explanations for poor little Carter, and he's not even here yet!  Oh the guilt Motherhood brings...I did manage to make it to my 24 week OB appt., albeit 2 week late!  The good news is all is well, I passed my gluclose test and Carter seems to be growing just perfectly.  He's a busy boy, kicking me all day long now.  He especially comes to life around 9 or so at night.  It's our little bonding time I think :) Or, I suppose it could be the sugar induced rush from the bowl of ice-cream I'm usually eating...

#5-  I missed the ESPY awards last night which really bums me out.  I'm pretty sure I can watch the whole thing on, but I would have loved to have seen them live last night.  I wanted to see the feature on Ed Thomas' family, who are AMAZING, and I heard that UNI even got a special shout out and applause from Samuel L. Jackson!  Exciting stuff :)  I did get to go to a movie with Travis instead last night...along with 30 junior highers!  We saw "Despicable Me" which was very different, but in the end, very good.  It didn't get as many tears out of me as Toy Story 3 did on Monday night, but a few managed to slip out still.  Good grief, I thought I was going to lose it in Toy Story!  It was so cute, but so sentimental!!  I kept thinking Ava looked like the little girl from the daycare and it made me sad to think about the day she leaves, and we have to pack all her toys up.  At least she's making very good friends with them now....

I know this has been riveting...some would wonder why I would spend my time writing nothing when I could have been napping....but at least I made some attempt at a contribution to my blog for this week!  

Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday and are anticipating a fun Friday tomorrow!!  Just as soon as I put these cheetos up, I'll be heading to the kitchen to make dinner.  Sounds perfectly logical, right??


My Swagger Wagon...

We've had one of those "special" days when we've had to send both of our cars into our trusted mechanic's shop to get worked on.  Good times people, good times.  On the positive side, at least we discovered the issues before we were stranded somewhere or in worse shape, but as you can imagine, it's not been a stellar day for our bank account.  As I've pondered the depth of our car sorrows, I can't help but dream of a better day, a day when I might be lucky enough to roll in one of these....

Let me introduce you to the "Swagger Wagon"
Oh how my dreams have changed over the years...

Congratulations Skyler and Jared!!

On Saturday, I got to deliver flowers for Skyler and Jared's beautiful outdoor wedding!  It was a perfect, summer day and they were beaming as only newlyweds can.  I have LOVED working with Skyler and I'm so happy with how all of the flowers turned out.  It was a big wedding, but so very FUN too!!
Picture perfect Mr. and Mrs.
This was the wonderful color scheme that I got to work with!  When we first met, we settled on this bright and bold scheme and I'm so glad we did.  It was just gorgeous for a July wedding!
The handsome groom, Jared.  We coordinated his bout. with Skyler's bouquet.  I used a yellow calla lily and an orange spray rose.  Love the way it popped on his sand colored suit!
The beautiful bride, Skyler!  Who was being serenaded by her groom in this that sweet or what??  She wanted a mostly yellow bouquet with touches of orange.  
So, I used yellow calla lilies, yellow roses, orange/yellow combo roses, orange mini gerbera daisies, and lime green spider mums.  Bright, bold, and fun!
Oh and a few of those cute little kermit button mums too!
Now these darling girls, are just about the cutest bridesmaids I have ever seen!!  Can you believe those tangerine dresses and patterned shoes???  What a GREAT dress to work with!  We basically built the entire color scheme around these dresses and shoes and I LOVE the way it all came together.
The girls had multi-colored bouquets with yellow, orange, and touches of red, lime green and purple.  
So cute wrapped in the same tangerine ribbon.  That purple was just stunning in there with all of those bright colors!  I kept thinking of Hawaii while we were making these!
We used yellow roses, orange/yellow combo roses, mango mini callas, orange gerbera daisies, lime spider mums, red mini carns and purple lisianthus.  
And just look how beautiful those girls looked with all that color!!  
The guys wore these great sand colored suits with orange vests and ties.  We put Jared (the groom) in a yellow mini calla and the rest of the guys in mango mini callas.  Very citrus like, don't you think??  Is it any wonder I kept craving oranges all day???
A Mango mini calla and a kermit button mum make a simple but elegant bout.
The darling little ring bearer wore an orange mini gerbera daisy with a kermit button mum as well.  So cute!  Wish I had a picture of him, he was adorable in his little orange vest and tie!
Two of the sweetest parents on earth!  
The bride's parents.  
We chose a very simple and understated gardenia for Skyler's mom and a yellow rose with an orange spray rose for her dad.  I'm really happy with how their look came together.  I think I'm going to recommend gardenias for moms from now on.  It was a great way to put a corsage on a mother of the bride without it looking like she's going to prom.  Plus, they smell amazing!
These are corsages and bouts for the grandparents and below for a personal attendant.  These colors were so easy to work with, it was fun to make all of these.
This vase on the right, was a memorial arrangement for the platform of the gazebo.
Beautiful wedding party!  
Pretty gazebo.
We decided to do 4 spray arrangements instead of trying to swag a garland.  They wanted to highlight the gazebo, but not take away from the backdrop of the lake or the bridal party standing up there.  I think these achieved that!
The big moment!
Love those bright colors!!
They were married by Jared's dad, who is a Pastor.  Love that!
Inside the reception, this was the seating chart table.
These were on a dozen tables scattered throughout the room.
Aren't those yellow orchids great???
Really love when I get to do big, tall arrangements at a reception.  They make such an impact and aren't as expensive as one might think.  It just depends on what kind of flowers you use!
On a dozen more tables, we put these arrangements in bubble bowls.  
A nice contrast to the bigger, taller arrangements.
And on the rest of the tables, we used my cylinders wrapped in her tangerine ribbon.  
This was the pretty cake.
And the cute cake topper!  
I love every wedding I do and I always get to know each bride, so I'm always so happy to help them achieve the look of their dreams...But I have to say, this wedding was one of my absolute favorites because it was so happy and fun!!  What a dose of sunshine these girls were!!  Those dresses with the flowers and the green backdrop of the golf course....Makes me happy just looking at it all over again!!
Congratulations Skyler and Jared!  
It was a gorgeous day and we wish you many blessings for years to come in your marriage!!