Muddled Musings

Sooooo, is it Friday yet???  I'm not entirely sure where this week went or how I somehow missed most of it, but I can't believe it's Thursday afternoon already!  I have been feverishly working today, trying to play "catch-up" in lots of different things.  Between the wedding last week and Trav's Mom being with us this week, I let a lot of things go and pile up, so now I am digging my way back out.  Thankfully, most of it is just paperwork and emails.  My house is in tact and my laundry caught up!  All is not lost :)

I don't even know where to start about what's been going on in our life for the last few days, so I'm just going to leave you a random list of information.  Because really, that's all I'm about to offer.  Miscellaneous information.  Nothing of value, nothing too serious.  Just words and pictures.  Take it or leave it, I won't be offended...

 #1- Have I introduced you yet to the new pianist in our home??
Do not be alarmed by her lack of clothing or her INCREDIBLE hairstyle.  
She is what some would call "wild" or as I like to think of it, "artistic."  
We've apparently instilled a healthy dose of confidence in her, as she often breaks out into spontaneous applause for...herself.  
Her methods are not standard, I think she's a little bored with "normalized piano playing."
She much prefers to stand or perform a little jig while she plays...I can't be sure.  
I don't like to stand in the way of her artistic license.
I do know she is quite good at standing on the bench rather than sitting on it.  I haven't researched it, but I'm thinking all childhood prodigies probably begin their careers from this position.  Right??
Again, I just stand back and watch the "greatness" that bangs oozes out of the keys on a daily basis.  
She can't be contained people.  She's got "music" that needs to be played!  

#2-There is a phenomenon that occurs after each visit that either of our parents make.  Apparently we don't buy a lot of snacks, because whenever Trav's Mom or my Dad come to visit, they come armed with bags and bags of snacks.  Chips, candy, pop, chocolate covered name it, they bring it!  I'm glad to have it around while they are here, but the real danger begins as soon as they leave.  I believe the phenomenon is something like "You never know what you're missing til it's gone??"  As I type this, I am downing jumbo sized cheetos, drinking a sprite zero and munching on chocolate covered cashews.  And I'm doing it at a pace that would stun even those professional eaters that win those hot dog contests. I'm not going to lie, I feel a little out of control.  It's all coming back to me about why I don't buy this stuff to begin with!  If you see me in the next few days and I've got cheeto dust under my fingernails, or melted chocolate covered nuts in my purse, you'll know that you need to step in and help me.  

#3- I told Travis last night, I'm going to start praying for a wealthy benefactor to appear in my life, who would like to buy me a little flower shop and hire me to run it.  I've got several location possibilities, I just need someone who's got more money than I do.  And in this case, it wouldn't take much to achieve that! Ha Ha!!  Maybe it's because I'm in between 2 weddings, maybe it's because now would be the dumbest time to take on something of that magnitude, or maybe it's because I've always dreamed it, but I really want a cute little flower shop to work out of.  Nothing big, nothing fancy, just a little wedding shoppe.  You never know....

#4- Despite my best intentions, I have fallen behind greatly in my attempts to take a weekly preggo picture.  You know, like I did without fail for Ava??  I'm already dreaming up excuses and explanations for poor little Carter, and he's not even here yet!  Oh the guilt Motherhood brings...I did manage to make it to my 24 week OB appt., albeit 2 week late!  The good news is all is well, I passed my gluclose test and Carter seems to be growing just perfectly.  He's a busy boy, kicking me all day long now.  He especially comes to life around 9 or so at night.  It's our little bonding time I think :) Or, I suppose it could be the sugar induced rush from the bowl of ice-cream I'm usually eating...

#5-  I missed the ESPY awards last night which really bums me out.  I'm pretty sure I can watch the whole thing on, but I would have loved to have seen them live last night.  I wanted to see the feature on Ed Thomas' family, who are AMAZING, and I heard that UNI even got a special shout out and applause from Samuel L. Jackson!  Exciting stuff :)  I did get to go to a movie with Travis instead last night...along with 30 junior highers!  We saw "Despicable Me" which was very different, but in the end, very good.  It didn't get as many tears out of me as Toy Story 3 did on Monday night, but a few managed to slip out still.  Good grief, I thought I was going to lose it in Toy Story!  It was so cute, but so sentimental!!  I kept thinking Ava looked like the little girl from the daycare and it made me sad to think about the day she leaves, and we have to pack all her toys up.  At least she's making very good friends with them now....

I know this has been riveting...some would wonder why I would spend my time writing nothing when I could have been napping....but at least I made some attempt at a contribution to my blog for this week!  

Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday and are anticipating a fun Friday tomorrow!!  Just as soon as I put these cheetos up, I'll be heading to the kitchen to make dinner.  Sounds perfectly logical, right??



I cried at Toy Story too.. my boys weren't sure what was wrong with me!!!

Jesse and Stacie said...

I laughed out loud when I saw that first picture of Ava! That is so funny and I'm sure she'll appreciate it in the years to come. :) I think I have a picture of me playing on my little brown piano when I was a few years older. She must get her musical talent from her Aunt. :) hahaha

Audrey said...

I'm a lurker who is coming out of hiding to let you know that I loved this post! Your writing style is great and this post made me laugh. I can't even remember now how I found your blog but am thankful that I did!

Darla said...

Ha ha. Okay, so the combination of piano playing and crazy hair makes me think Ava is the next Mozart. Too cute:)

Amber said...

That first pic of Ava is so funny! You can see that personality perfectly! What a funny memory to capture on film. She'll love you showing that what to her potential boyfriends in about 27 years (right?!)

Ron and Peggy said...

She IS a wild woman, love it. You enjoy satisfying all those cravings, you can eat healthy next week.