Today was such a day of bliss for Ava and I!  We stayed home and got caught up on just about everything.  I did all kinds of laundry, paid bills, cleaned my kitchen, picked up the house and played with my little redhead.  All in all, a great day and just what we needed.  We have been so busy lately and Ava has been such a trooper.  She's had more babysitters in the last week than she has in the last 2 months!  BUT, the wonderful thing is that we've finally reached a stage where she actually enjoys going to other people and does really well with a babysitter.  She handled all the transition so well and eased my Mommy guilt tremendously.  And that, is a beautiful thing :)
Since we've been home however, she's quickly morphed back into her quirky ways.  She is currently obsessed with Ryley for instance.  She wants to walk him, take him out, put him on a leash or ride him like a horse.  And because he is a sweet dog, he lets her do almost all of that , all day long :)  We're so thankful he's a golden and so good with kids...
...because she basically thinks he is her own, personal jungle gym!  At any given time of the day, she is laying on him, sitting on him, climbing on him or trying to give him a hug.  Fortunately, he does seem to like her, but he only takes it for so long and then he usually hides someplace quiet :) It cracks me up that we somehow ended up with a red haired dog and daughter...Maybe we really do fit that scenario of dogs who resemble their owners??  
Every time we take him out to go to the bathroom or for a walk, she also insists on going with and holding his leash.  It's a classic case of letting her think she has all the control when in reality, if we let go of our end, he'd be walking her for sure!  I'm certain one of her favorite parts of the day is taking Ryley out with her Daddy.  She runs to the door almost as fast as Ryley does and pulls on Trav's pant legs until he picks her up and takes her with.  She loves it and I've caught her several times trying to snap her fingers at Ryley and call him, just like we do.  She's definitely growing up with no fear around dogs as she thinks every dog she sees loves her just as much as Ryley.  I'm glad she's not afraid, but there is nothing wrong with a little healthy fear either!  Not every dog is as sweet as ours :) 

Finally, it seems her fascination with climbing only increases every day.  While I was doing the dishes, I realized I hadn't heard her for a few minutes.  When I turned off the water and started to look for her, this is what I saw as I glanced in her room.  She opened her drawer, climbed in, sat down and started helping me "sort" her clothes.  What a little helper, right??  Yeah, not so much...I also found her walking on the couch, jumping (or leaping) off the ottomans and trying with all her might to stand on top of her little piano.  I'm certain this is total payback for my own climbing behavior as a child!  Somewhere, my Mother is reading this, laughing her head off at how the tables have turned.  Uh huh, I know...I deserve this.  She is nothing short of entertaining and exhausting, but don't tell me the Lord doesn't have a good sense of humor!!  After all, He created her spunky and quirky little personality and I know that when He did it, He said that it was good :) 

We are happily up to nothing over here, enjoying these last few months of alone time, before Ava's favorite playmate joins the chaos.  I think about the days ahead and wonder how we'll survive and yet, I can't wait for her to have a little brother to play with and grow up with.  I just wonder how much more trouble she'll be in with an accomplice???  Oh well, it's a good thing "His mercies are new every morning!" because I have a feeling I'm going to need mercy in every area possible...

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Rebecca Jo said...

I love her & Ryley are such good friends! :) That picture of her on his back like a horse is so adorable... what a patience golden you have! My lab woulda taken off & let her hang on... bull riding competition would have been ON! :)

Look at her in that drawer... she finds the most unusual places to chill out, doesnt she? love it!