Apple Orchard 2015

I will be the first to admit, there are far too many pictures in this post. I'm breaking all the laws of blogging I'm sure but here's the deal, this orchard is in my top 5 family traditions every year and I just can't help myself. Both in the taking of a million pics and in the posting. There is no rational thought involved, I just see everything through a camera lens when we get there and all I can think about is how they've each grown and changed year to year. Travis is a saint, he fully embraces my desire to keep going back, to take a million pics and yes, to wear whatever I choose for our family look...I'm always thinking "Christmas card material" while we are there! So scroll through or don't, I won't bore you with a million lines of text, I think they are pretty self-explanatory, except that every now and then I can't help but add some detail I feel compelled to share  :)  You're welcome, words are my love language. 

Seriously, they were just in the double jogger stroller!?!?!  Now they are practically giants with long legs and grown up faces. I can't take it. 

Man, I love him. 
I love both.
But especially him. He still makes my heart race. 

Every kid should feed a kid. 
Top pic of the day in my opinion. 
I love this so much! 

Hipster pose and he doesn't even know it. 

Taken by Carter! 

It's too bad they have no fun with their Dad.
I wish he'd lighten up.

Sweet little apple, sweeter little boy. 
Thanks for enduring the Apple Orchard tour of 2015!