Survival Mode

I am officially in post-wedding survival mode tonight!  We got home around 5 tonight from the longest day of setting up and delivering a million flowers for one of my weddings.  Everything went great and it was beautiful when it was all set up and done, but to say I am EXHAUSTED is a major, major understatement.  I am merely surviving at this point.  SOOO, we decided on the way home that we needed a night out for dinner, as there was NO WAY I was in the mood to fix any kind of food myself, let alone anyone else!  It was a good choice and we were all very happy to get out for a little bit! 
We could not be more thankful that Texie has been here for the last few days, helping us take care of Ava while both of us have been largely out of the picture.  They've been having lots of adventures together!
I love this picture of Trav and his Mom...I think they look a lot alike here. 
Ava was also happy to get out of the house and be with Mommy and Daddy again.  
She was pretty good at the restaurant, but we are rapidly approaching a stage that just may keep us from going out with her for a looooong time.  Let's just say that much of her food ended up on the floor...
To celebrate the end of a busy day we split the world's largest dessert.  
Let me give you a better view and tell you that I very happily drowned my back ache sorrows with bite after bite of this amazing mile high ice-cream pie.  It was sinfully good and oh so worth it.  And I more than made up for sad, survival state by energizing myself with more sugar than should be allowed. 
It was basically heaven on a plate.  
Or something non-heretical like that :) 
Ava got a few bites too, but she kept turning her head after every one because the ice-cream was so cold.

It did not deter her from begging for more however :) 

I will post some wedding pictures soon, after I have time to look through them and find a few more on facebook!  Gotta love that :)  It's the best way for me to get wedding photos from other guests and relatives!  I'm so thankful this wedding is behind me and so is the stress I've been carrying around for the last few days.  I just have one more to conquer in 2 weeks and then I'm home free for awhile...

Which is a good thing considering I am only getting more pregnant by the day!  There is a very good reason (named Carter) that I am only surviving right now...If you'll excuse me, I have a date with my pjs, my heating pad and our bed.  It's the only place I want to be and luckily for me, it's the only place I'm have to be for the rest of the night!  


Ron and Peggy said...

So glad your wedding went well and ya'll are having a good time. XXXOOO

Darla said...

Oh man. Stephanie, I'm tired just THINKING about all the work that went into this weekend. Glad you get a little break. And by the way, I thought the SAME thing...Travis looked a lot like his mom in that picture!

petrii said...

I love all of your wedding pics. Looking forward to seeing your latest wedding extravaganza!!! You do GREAT work!!

You all look so cute in these pics, and that dessert ~~ WOW!!

Have a Blessed week,

Beth Herring said...

what an adorable little girl! loved stopping in here for the first time. you have a great blog!

Donna said...

Love your new blog header! Ava is getting so big. She will be a great big sis!!