Independence Day Parade!

This morning we went to a local parade that we always heard was a good one.  We decided it was our parental duty to take Ava and explain the reason we celebrate our nation's independence.  That lasted about 30 seconds when we realized we only had about 2 lines worth of information and she only had about 2 seconds of attention :) At least we tried!  
This I believe, is supposed to be General Custer, leading the way with his giant flag.  
Very patriotic, don't you think??
We weren't sure how Miss Ava would do at her first parade, with all the people and loud noises, not to mention the oppressive heat!
Although it appears she's covering her ears here, she was not.  She actually loved it and did great!
There was no shortage of horses and animals to keep her attention.
And of course a nostalgic slice of Americana to keep all of us interested!
She danced to the high school bands with Travis...
...and scored a freezie from someone's float!
She camped out for most of the parade, from her little chair.
My personal favorite part of the parade was this limo, carrying residents from an assisted living facility.  So sweet!!  I'm sure most of those people were looking forward to this parade for weeks!  They were all smiles, waving their flags and throwing candy to the kids.  It was the first time I've ever seen that in a parade and I loved it.  How fun for them and us.  Maybe that will be me someday :) 
It's always a good day when Superman shows up!
Not to mention Spiderman.
And my personal favorites, Batman and Robin.  I could hardly keep from laughing when Batman strolled by however, apparently he's been "out of action" for awhile because he was sporting a bit of a "beer belly" if you know what I mean!  Not exactly the fit and trim Batman from the movie :) 
This is how Ava viewed most of the parade, snack and drink in hand!  She's one happy girl when she's got something to eat and something to drink! Ha Ha :) 
But eventually, this little girl grew tired of all the celebration :) 

And we decided it was time to head home for a nap!  

It's been a fun, hot weekend so far with 2 trips to the pool and the possibility of another parade tomorrow and fireworks tomorrow!  Most of all, we've thoroughly enjoyed some great family time after going in 2 different directions for so long.  Thankful to be together again....

Happy Independence Day!!  We love the USA!!


Jesse and Stacie said...

That is so sweet about those assisted living people...almost enough to make me want to cry! :) Before I zoomed in on Superman, I thought it looked just like George K. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos.

Happy July 4th!

Here is a beautiful animated Independence Day ecard of a July 4th parade!

Darla said...

What a cute parade! Man! You guys are great parents, enduring the 90-some degree heat (and humidity)! Also, loooooove the new look to your blog. That picture of Ava is adorable (your header). Oh, and funny someone else should mention the "Superman" resembling someone else. I thought he looked a little like Sylvester Stallone. Ha ha. Thanks, too, for the thoughts you shared on our blog about delivering a's encouraging to hear that it can be done!!

Ron and Peggy said...

Looks like a fun day. The new header is very nice.