Little Girls Who Love to Swim!!

Today Ava and I went to a fun little water park in my hometown.  It was perfect for her, not too big but still lots to do.  The best part is that we went with Aunt Jennie and my best friend Amber, plus her two little girlies.  It was a beautiful summer day, perfect for a water park day!!
2 things I learned from this picture:
1. I am in desperate need of a hair cut.  Must schedule that ASAP when we get home! 
2.  I hate the color of my hair, i.e.-my natural color!  I have been letting it grow out, one less thing to maintain, but so far every picture I see of myself is confirming what I thought...I need some serious highlights!!!  With every pregnancy my hair keeps getting darker and more "dishwater" like.  That is a bummer. 
My friend Amber and I.  We've been friends for 30 years now, that's crazy to think!  We were born just a few weeks apart and have been the best of friends ever since.  So fun to hang with "our girls" now!
Aunt Jennie and Ava
Amber and her youngest, Brynn
Amber's oldest, Ella.  This was as close as she wanted to get for a picture :) 
Playing with Brynn, these 2 are just 1 month apart.
All the girls, plus a new friend Ella made!
Stopping to check out an airplane she heard, one of our new things we like listen for!
So glad to have Aunt Jennie with us!!  We had a really fun afternoon and great time catching up.  I love days like these in the summer.  Nothing like blue skies, sunshine and the pool!  


Heather said...

We are taking Connor to a water park like this tomorrow and I CANNOT wait!!!! I LOVE fun in the sun!

Darla said...

Really?! I genuinely like your hair color, Steph. Oh, and I had to comment about Ava in that picture...she wanted to show off her "better half" I guess. Ha ha. That cracked me up that she had her back to the camera!

Jason Barthelemy said...

Steph, I loved "the falls" waterpark - perfect age for our kids these days.... I totally see waht you mean with Julia and Amber's littlest daughter looking alike! Looks like you are having fun!

petrii said...

How cute is that little Ava? I mean seriously!!! And that hat ~~ I LOVE IT!! Do they make that in big girl sizes? So cute!!

You look GREAT girl!! Keep relaxing and have a Blessed and Beautiful 4th of July....

Love and hugs ~~ Dawn