Summer Splash!

We are having a fun time at my parents house this weekend, while Travis is gone on a Mission's Trip.  I've been able to talk to him a little bit and things are going well for his team.  They are ministering to teens and kids on an Indian Reservation and it's been a very eye-opening experience.  There is a lot of darkness and brokenness for the kids there, so some real opportunities to show the love of Jesus and the hope He alone can bring.  We miss him, but it's been a blessing to be at my parents too.  I've been able to sleep longer than normal and rest while Ava is getting constant attention from Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Jennie and Uncle Dave.  So glad for that...
Anyway before Travis left, we got to spend an afternoon together at the Splash pad, soaking up the sun!
She looks so cute in that hat!!  I love it on her!
Travis took her to the the fountains and water works area and she loved sticking her hand in the streams of water, trying to lick every drop she could. 
So fun on a hot day!
Of course she wasn't totally thrilled about keeping her hat on, but she did pretty well.  Her skin is so fair like mine, I just hate the thought of her getting sunburned!
I thought all the water in her face might scare her, but no so much.
She must have loved the relief from the heat!
In 90% of all my pool pictures, her tongue is always sticking out.  
Apparently we don't give her enough to drink and she feels the need to catch every drop she can at the pool!! 
Adventures with Daddy
We are LOVING summer and all that goes along with it.  It's so fun to experience all the joys of childhood with Ava.  Can't believe that next summer we'll be bringing 2 kiddos to the splash pad!!
Maybe that's when my nanny will report for duty, right??  Ha Ha :) 


Darla said...

Very fun! Glad you guys were able to get a little bit of relaxation in as a family before Travis left.

Jesse said...

Glad to see the Armstrong's are soaking up summer as much as the Brasses enjoy to. I'm also happy to see that my niece loves the water as much as I do! I just need to figure out how we can afford to buy a jet ski and how to get Pagey out here to take her on it ;)

Rebecca Jo said...

Her & that tongue sticking out is just too funny!!