Summer Nights

I spent some time this afternoon writing up a new blog post, with lots of pictures from our night at the park last night, but as I hit publish for some reason the entire thing was lost.  IRRITATING!!  I haven't had the heart all day to go back and fix it, so I'm adding a few pics before I go to bed, with a couple of comments :) I'm too tired to do much more than that!  Maybe tomorrow I'll actually write more than 2 sentences at a time, but don't hold your breath :) 
Oh how I love her.  
Even though she hates to have her picture taken with me.
We taught Ava how to navigate the slide all by herself and she loved it!
Such a big girl now.
She got tangled up a few times, but it didn't take her long to figure it out!
She was grinning after every trip down :) 
In addition to a million trips down the slide, she also played lots with Daddy.
Did I mention how glad we are that he's home??
Running down the hill to play tag, until she decided it was too steep for her!
Little Carter at 23.5 weeks!  Guess he's not so little anymore and neither am I...
Life is pretty good for this little diva, don't you think??
Living on the edge with Daddy...
Gotta love the wild abandon of childhood!
And finally, her new thing.  She likes to bring us books to read to her, as she drapes herself all over us :)  Sometimes she tries to climb on our laps, or sometimes she's content to just lay her head on any body part she can reach.  I LOVE that she's into books.  Lately her attention span has definitely increased and she is more and more interested in hearing us read stories.  Of course it always helps when we decide to do it in an animated way and no one is better at that than her Daddy :) 
I loved watching this!  She loves this little Bible storybook and insists on us reading it to her lately...We're always happy to accommodate that request!  I find her a lot around the house with that book, flipping through it herself and babbling in a very low and serious voice.  It makes me giggle everytime!  She must know it's our most treasured book, right??  :) Or maybe she can tell that we read it in a different voice...Who knows??  We get a kick out of it and love to hear her little voice, chatting away.  Can't wait for those days when she's really talking with more and more words and sentences.  I think she's going to be a big talker if her babbling is any indication!

Ok, my back is aching and my eyes are getting heavy, so I'm off to bed!
Day 3 of VBS will be here before I know it and the last 2 mornings have been brutal getting out of bed.
Am I pregnant or something??
Ha Ha :)  
Have a great Wednesday!!


Rebecca Jo said...

Look at your belly!!! So precious!

OK - Ava laying on her daddy while he's reading a book - that is a picture that Travis will love forever! I love when kids have a love for books early!

Love the picture of Ava being thrown in the air too... such a sense of awe in her eyes.

Ron and Peggy said...

That is the CUTEST!