Thank You...

Thank you for praying with us for Karen!  I appreciate all of your sweet comments letting us know that you are praying for her, I know it means the world to them right now to know so many people are lifting them up in their time of need.  I hopped on her caring bridge site last night and browsed through her guestbook.  Can I just tell you how many times I had tears in my eyes, reading comments that so many of you left for her???  I know there are so many needs and so many people that are dear to each one of us, so it means a lot that you would care for her, simply because you care for me.  Sweet doesn't even begin to cover it....

If you have been reading any of their updates, you know that they are still in need of our prayers.  Unfortunately, Karen is not out of the woods at all.  Her bleeding did start again today, something they were hoping wouldn't happen.  Our God is big and still in charge and we are asking Him to intervene and get that stopped again.  They are hanging in there, but this is very hard on everyone.  It's an emotional roller coaster right now and they are asking people to pray not only for Karen's physical needs, but also that their hearts and minds would be guarded by the truth of God's word and His perfect peace.  I am especially praying this for their boys...This is very hard on them.

I have much on my mind and lots of things I'd love to blog about, but we are in middle of a crazy week and I don't even have 30 seconds to spend on here.  Travis is extremely busy and so am I, but I will have a chance to breathe again on Saturday, so hopefully I'll be able to spend some time catching up.

For now, I'll leave you with a picture of our little monkey and her latest place to play.  I've caught her in this very same position many times this week!  And yes, sometimes her books are upside down!
Why she continues to do this (sit in her baskets) is beyond me.
Nothing about it looks comfortable, but it must be to her!  
What a crazy little nut :) I just love her!!  

Thanks again for praying for Karen...Please don't stop now!


Rebecca Jo said...

Ahh - look at Ava - we all have our fav places to sit & read! Whatever works for her! :)

I have signed up for the updates on Karen so I CAN be reminded to lift her up in prayer... Love she is surrounded by people of faith & a love for God! Makes all the difference!

Toni :O) said...

Love her in that basket reading...just priceless! Still praying for your friend Karen, I just can't imagine..golly, how awful. Hang in there sweet family!