Fall Break

Every Fall in Minnesota the schools schedule a Fall break, called MEA, when the teachers attend a conference for educators and the students get two days off.  It's never really mattered to us much until this year, when we actually have a student in school!  The timing couldn't have been more perfect, with Trav's soccer season having just ended and a busy time at Church wrapping up too, we were in desperate need of some family time.  Family time away from everything here.  Thankfully a trip to my parents' house is a great solution and a quick getaway! 
We took Ava out of school a little early and kicked off our break on a Wednesday, arriving just in time to experience a gorgeous Iowa Fall! 
We left town on a weekend when leaves were at their peak and the color from Minnesota to Iowa was simply stunning.  
My parents have huge trees in their yard and every year they do not disappoint when their leaves change! 

All of these were from their yard, so gorgeous, right? 
The boys were happy to be enjoying a slow morning in their jammies...
...and Ava was happy too, although I have NO idea what she was wearing here!  Ha ha! 
Now when we head South we have a special treat waiting for us in addition to my parents and Jennie and Dave.  My nephew Sawyer brings a new level of excitement!  And as he and Walker grow up, this will be even more fun!  For now, they are just a couple of cousins hanging out in their car seats! 
Love these little faces and their respective lovey blankies! 

I think Sawyer looks like his Daddy Dave and Walker looks like his Aunt Jennie here! 
Sawyer is always stunned when our circus comes to his town! 
But he's very loved!
We celebrated Carter's 4th birthday while we were there and one of my Dad's golf girls made another birthday cake for us that was adorable! 
Carter was thrilled! 
We loved extending our celebration for another week! 

Cars, planes, trucks...all his favorite things! 

Miss Ava, my budding artist, was super creative while Carter was opening presents and she made, colored and constructed her own fake present to open too, ha!  Pretty impressive we thought! 
Lucky for her, Grammy had a real one for her too.  
Carter jumped right in and started playing with his new toys! 
Including this adorable football uniform which you already saw in the Halloween pics! 
Meanwhile the babies took it all in and got ready for their little photoshoot! 
Jennie and I spotted these while we were shopping and we could not resist! 

This makes me laugh!  Just a couple of fresh pumpkins!

We had such a fun few days doing a whole lot of nothing!  It was gorgeous weather and we enjoyed lots of laughing and playing and family.  So grateful for the time away! 

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