Highs, Lows, and a Stomach Bug that Wouldn't Die

Well, after my last post, I spoke too soon.
We weren't done with the eternal stomach bug that has plagued our children!  Throughout this whole thing, we seem to be stuck in a 2 day rut.  Both kids could string 2 good days together, but just when we started started to exhale and think *maybe* we were out of the woods, one or both of them would relapse on day 3 and we'd be back to square one.  The lowest of the lows happened on Thursday night and Friday night.  The 2 nights before I needed to work on my one and only wedding.  Naturally...Both nights Carter was up EVERY 2 HOURS, screaming like he was in pain.  I took him to the Pediatrician on Friday, who just confirmed that yes, he got the 14 day version of this bug and after all that throwing up and diarhea, he probably got rid of most of his stomach lining and just truly had a sore tummy.  So, probiotics for him and we went home.  That night he was up again, screaming, and on one occasion he woke Ava up so I went to take care of her while Trav took care of Carter.  Much to my horror, when I got to her bed, she was covered in vomit.  Again.  I cannot tell you how many loads of laundry I've done in the last 2 weeks!  My washer has been working on overtime.  The poor baby.  So, after an hour of clean-up, we put her in bed with us for a whopping hour, before Carter was up again.  It was seriously awful!  And the worst part was that I had to get up at 6 to get started on my wedding!  I was doing some real begging of the Lord at that point and somehow, with about 3 hours of sleep in me, I managed to go and get it all done. 
 It went well and I'm so grateful, but it was a hard drive home knowing I was walking right back into the storm :) Thankfully, we have now had a better Saturday, a good Sunday and *so far* a great Monday!!! 
 And that's all I'm going to say about that before something changes again :)
At every glimpse of sunshine, we've managed to get these kids outside to try and rid ourselves of any lingering germs.  Also, to keep some level of sanity in tact!
We explored all the newly planted flowers on our patio...
And Carter got his first experience at sitting in the grass.
Like Father, like son...He was drawn to the soccer ball.
And yes, at the end of May, we were in sweatshirts and a hat. 
Someday we might have summer???
The little peanut, who was bound and determined to splash around in that birdbath the whole time!
Grilling with Daddy...
Weary parent #1
And weary parent #2.
The patient, who was on a pancake only diet at that point :)
Almost too tired to tackle the slide...Almost.
Definitely too tired to do anything but watch :)
Loving that tire swing!
Loving the fresh air.
Tea party before bed :)
Not sure who loved it more! 
These two just continue to grow into little playmates whether sick or well.  It's been a blessing to have the distraction of a sibling when we're having a rough day.   Can't wait to see more of these "parties" over the coming months!  Until Carter no longer wants to play along I'm sure!  Ha ha! 
After a 24 period of rest, I finally felt like cleaning up my wedding stuff.  And the best part of doing a wedding???  Definitely the leftover flowers!
Love little touches of beauty around my house!
Happiness by my sink...
Showstopper fiddlehead fun!!
Just wait til I show you the wedding pics, it was a beautiful color scheme!
Sunshine in our living room, despite the rain this morning!
But flowers weren't the only source of our sunshine today! 
She's looking better, acting like she feels better and has had a really great day. 
Here's to putting the last 2 weeks behind us and staying healthy!! 

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all of the men and women who serve our country so selflessly and have chosen to put their lives on the line for our freedom.  It's an honor to remember you today! 

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Darla said...

Oh, Stephanie...I feel like I was sighing in relief just reading this post. I can only begin to imagine how weary (to borrow your word) you must all have been. What an incredibly long stretch of pure misery! Been praying for you guys. Glad the wedding went well, too...beautiful color choice on the flowers. Oh, and I had the BIGGEST smile on my face when I saw the tea party picture. How adorable.