7 Months Old

Well Carter, it's hard to believe,but you turned 7 months old this month, which means we are more than half way through your first year.  How?  Where is the time going??  Didn't I just bring you home from the hospital last week??  If that little bear is any evidence, it really does mean that you are getting bigger and bigger.  What once was a giant bear next to you, is quickly becoming a "little" bear.
If it's even possible, with each month you somehow capture our hearts in a new way.  Your smile and the pure joy that radiates out of you is nothing short of incredible delight.  In fact, I wonder if the Lord is just letting us taste one of the purposes for which He created you even now, at 7 months old?  I have a feeling that you are going to be someone who blesses others, just by your joyful presence.  It wouldn't surprise me one bit, simply because that's exactly the kind of person your Daddy is too!  Your smile lights up everyone around you and as we are discovering, it's not very often that you are not in a great mood! 
"Sassy" really doesn't fit you.
Sweet as sugar is more like it!
As you've developmentally transitioned into a 7 month old, you've also transitioned into a fun playmate in your sister's eyes.  You love nothing more than when she comes and sits down beside you, handing you toys and talking to you a mile a minute.  I love that I can stand in the kitchen and make dinner, with my back to both of you, and know that you're both fine!  You giggle at Ava while she tells you stories and sings to you and once and awhile, you even reach for her hair or try to grab her hand.  So far that only thrills her when you do that!  One day soon it will probably irritate her, but it brings your Daddy and I great joy to see you two interact.  We're so thankful you have a big sister to grow up with!
We also celebrated your baby dedication this month Carter.  Your Dad and I couldn't believe it was "our turn" to stand up before our church again, to dedicate ourselves to raising another baby according to God's ways and His Word.  I've said this many times before and I'll say it until my last days...You were a surprise to us Carter and knowing we were expecting you, was the biggest blessing, just like with your sister.  We never thought we'd be at another baby dedication service so soon, but oh my goodness, we are so glad it was with YOU in our arms.  We are so proud to be your parents, buddy.  So proud. 
-This month you are officially wearing a size 3 diaper, although as soon as your last one is gone, I'm moving you up to size 4! 
-You are sleeping about 10-10.5 hours every night and napping in the morning and the afternoon for 2-3 hours at a time.  It's glorious.
-You are over rice cereal in a big way, but you will suck your spoon dry for any kind of fruit we offer you!  You want nothing to do with veggies, but that's not stopping us from trying to change your mind :) 
-You are wearing 6-9 month clothes, but mostly things that are closer to 9 mo.
-I took you to the doctor last night (because you were sick with a little bug) and you weighed 16lbs, 12oz.  Down a little bit, but probably just because you've been sick. 
You'd never know it from this hilarious picture, but you've become quite shy in public now.  Whenever someone talks to you or smiles at you, you flash them a huge grin and then bury your head in my shoulder.  I love it!  It's totally cute and fun to see you start to recognize people you know and don't know.  The sight of your Dad and your sister make you crazy, you practically jump out of my arms to get to them!  AND this month you've started babbling a lot more...even saying "Da da da da" over and over.  Daddy says you are officially choosing him for your first word :) You also like to squeal in a high pitched voice or growl like a bear cub at us.  Both make us laugh, which usually makes you laugh too.
It's so easy to love you little guy.
I have a hard time getting much done these days because I could sit and take a million pictures of you, doing absolutely nothing! 
Occasionally I get lucky and catch a big moment on camera, like you rolling over!! 
But mostly I just have hundreds of pictures like this.
And to me, they are glimpses into the gift that you are.
Always happy.
Usually content.
Handsome like your Daddy.

Happy 7 months Carty!! 
We love you!

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Toni :O) said...

Wow...7 months already! Stop it are growing too fast! He is so adorable and I love all the happy pictures of him. If someone doesn't get their day brightened by checking in on your sweet family, I'm not sure what will! Thanks for sharing all those cute adorable and I'd take lots of pictures too if he were mine. Such a HAM!