Texas Pictures

I wasn't expecting more than a few i-phone pics from Trav and Ava's trip to Texas last week, but I have been so thankful to see these wonderful pictures pop up on Facebook this week, so I thought I'd share them with you!
Love this one! 
Hair blowing in the Texas wind?
Since I know firsthand how much work it takes to guide this little 2 year old through a day without disaster or injury, I have to say that I am pretty impressed that Trav made it 5 days!  Not only did he survive it, but I think these two actually had a great time together.  Ava has not stopped talking about her "special trip" or about being on an "airplane with Daddy!"  I'm so glad they went.
There is just something so moving about the military and they way they honor their own, even in death.
Travis doing his part to honor Paw Paw and the Lord.
This picture makes me smile for several reasons:
1st- I did send him with a full suit, but since Ava threw up on him in the limo a few minutes before they arrived at the cemetary gates, he had to shed it and just go with a shirt and tie :) Nothing like being a parent! 
2nd- He did the whole service from his i-pad.  Isn't that crazy??  No more typed pages in a binder, just read it from the pages of his i-pad.  Kind of made me nervous for him, but he said it was perfect.  Oh, what would we do without technology??
3rd- It still brings me joy to see him doing what God clearly made him and called him to do.  He's a great Pastor, if I do say so myself!  I remember him doing his first funeral, first wedding, first sermon, etc. and in just a few short years, he's become such a natural at it all.  I love that.  He makes me proud.
A big group shot of lots of our family.
The originals :)
Trav, his cousin Ian, his cousin Jeremy, and his cousins Chris and Andrew.
Trav's Uncle Ron, Aunt Peggy and Ron's sister Nancy (Chris and Andrew's Mom)
Love this picture of all of them!
Ron, Peggy and Nancy.
Paw Paw and Mee Maw were Ron and Nancy's parents.
They would have been thrilled at the sight of everyone together last week. 
 Especially all those great-grandbabies!
Travis and Jeremy grew up together, same age, same grade, same friends :)
They logged thousands of hours together, along with Ian, playing all kinds of sports and getting in trouble! 
After the stories that come from these boys, I have all kinds of respect for Peggy after hearing most of them!
Jeremy and Melissa's sweet family.  I cannot get over how BIG their kids are getting!!!  Jeffrey and Chloe (2 oldest) were our flower girl and ring bearer and were about half the size they are now.  You can imagine Ava loved every second of playing with Jeffrey, Chloe, Maddy, Jack, Josie and Noah :)
And this is Ian and his precious kiddos, Henry and Lily.  Aren't they cute??
Lily was just a baby when I came to the family reunion for the first time and now she's a beautiful, little girl. 
And can you believe how much Carter looks like Henry???
Same chin and cheeks???
Christopher, his girlfriend (??), Nancy and Andrew.  So sweet, every single one of them.  They lived down the street from Mee Maw and Paw Paw, so you can imagine how hard this past year has been for them. 
Lots of transition and a new normal to get used to. 
Great picture of these two! 
Trav's Granny, his Mom, Aunt Peggy and Aunt Susie!
You'll all be happy to know that Ava named each of you in a second when she saw this picture :)
Cousins always make the best babysitters!
Can you even stand this??
They are so darn cute!!  A little Ian and a little Jeremy?
Ava's turn :)
Although Carter and I missed out last week, I am so thankful these two spent 5 days enjoying Texas, our family and each other!


Melinda Rowan said...

Hi Stephanie, my name is Melinda and I found your blog last week after doing an online search for Uncle Wallace's obituary. My mom is first cousins with Ronnie and Nancy. My grandma is the last living sibling of Wallace's (and the oldest of 5). Anyways, I enjoyed reading your blog and I will have to show my mom these pics. She will enjoy them. My mom and stepdad are in the big family shot. My husband is also in the ministry and we live in the Tulsa area.

Darla said...

I can only imagine what a phenomenal job Travis did with his Paw Paw's funeral service. I was always impressed by his preaching/speaking ability when I helped in JAM. Also, you are SO right about Carter looking like Henry!