Where to Begin??

If ever I can say, "This has been a crazy week!" it's now.  I don't really know where to start, so I guess I'll start with the highlight :)
Yes, that's Beth Moore!  She was at our Church this weekend and I got to be there (by the Grace of God) and enjoy her.  This is the third time I've seen her live and like always, she totally brought the Word!  It was so good.  It also helped that we were in the 4th row on Saturday so she was just inches from me several times :) You know I wanted to jump up and hug her, but I resisted!  I have lots I'd love to write about the weekend, but I'll save that for a few days from now.  Hopefully when I've emerged from the fog...
I was able to go with my Mom and my sister, which was great.  We loved it!
We just missed you Stace! 
Sometime I would love it if all 4 of us could go together and make a girls' weekend out of it! 
Maybe when we're all 3 frazzled Moms, it would be a fun break :)

After my Mom and Jennie left on Saturday afternoon, Carter and I drove to the airport to pick up Trav and Ava.  I was so ready to see them, it was a long week without them!  Carter was sick the whole time they were in Texas, which I thought was probably a blessing in the long run.  But fortunately he took a turn for the better on Friday and Saturday and I really thought he was on his way back to normal. 

If I've learned one thing this week, it might be that I really have no idea what I'm talking about anymore!! 
Ha ha!
Travis sent me a text to tell me that they landed and then a few minutes later, my phone rang.  I expected him to say that they were about to come out to the car, but instead he told me they had a little "situation."  Apparently as soon as the plane landed and the doors opened for everyone to get out, poor little Ava began projectile vomitting.  And at that moment, I felt a little better about taking care of Carter all week! But really, I felt horrible for Ava and horrible for Travis, can you imagine??  Thankfully he caught most of it in her blanket, so no one else got it but the two of them!  Needless to say, I was still thrilled to see her sweet little face and I immediately stripped her down in the car and got her all cleaned up.  We were thinking it was just an isolated incident, maybe some motion sickness from a bumpy flight??  But then, Trav decides to tell me that she also threw up on Friday, minutes before the funeral, all over his suit jacket.  Oh yes, the story just got better!  They were in a limo on the way to the service.  Just before they pulled up to the gate, poor Ava puked all over Travis...minutes before he was supposed to speak :) Thankfully she mostly got his jacket, so he was able to shed that and just go with his shirt and tie.  He didn't tell me that happened until our car ride, which honestly only confirmed my suspicion that she must have motion sickness. 
She was back to her bubbly self in just a few minutes and happily played with all her toys when we got home.  She went to bed easily and so did Carter.

They thrilled me this morning when they both slept in, especially Ava who slept until 10 am.  I took that as a gift from the Lord.  I hated missing Church, but I felt like we all needed a day at home.  I had time to drink some coffee, read my Bible and even clean up the house.  It was a gift, but I had no idea just how much of a gift!
Minutes after this sweet little guy woke up, he drank only about a 1/2 oz of milk, smiled at me and then threw up more than he did all week last week.  It was awful.  He covered me, part of the chair and some of the floor.  Ava and I were stunned watching it and poor Carty was crying.  I laid him down, got it all cleaned up and then got him down for a nap.  It was a bummer, I thought he was feeling better, but even when he is sick, he is so smiley and happy!  This is him just a few minutes after he threw up :)
Sweetie pie.
After Carter was down, I fed Ava and we played.  She was happy as could be and we had a great morning together.  I put her at the kitchen table for lunch then went to put some laundry in the washer.  As I did that, I heard her cough then heard her say what sounded like my name..
.I had that sinking feeling and I ran to the kitchen.  Much to my horror, she was covered in vomit. 
Poor Ava...She was as scared as she was sick.

Amazingly, this is our first ever bout with any kind of stomach bug. 
I suppose we were due for it, but I could have done without it for a lot longer!
Carter has done really well today.  He's been on pedialyte again and is keeping everything down. 
Thank you Jesus.
Tomorrow we'll try soy formula, to see if it settles his tummy better than milk based formula.  The bug he has is viral and going around.  His pediatrician said it has been lasting a long time and is common for kids to feel better for a day or two, then relapse.  Which is exactly what he did.  So, I hope we're on the upswing for him but only time will tell.
Ava on the other hand, has had a hard day.  She's thrown up twice and is definately not herself. 
After 13 hours of sleep last night, she slept almost 3 hours this afternoon.  We've watched Tangled twice in its entirety and half of Annie.  I've turned into my Mom with my sheet covered couch and all of my blankets everywhere :) Thankfully, the Lord has shown me mercy and both times Ava got sick, it was on our tile floor in the kitchen!  It's the little things that make me happy right now...
So here they are, the little sickies :)
Your prayers would not be wasted on us.  Travis was able to pull out of his stuff today to come home and help me but tomorrow he has to leave on an overnight trip and won't be home until Tuesday night.  I am practically begging the Lord to heal us!!  And to keep me from getting it too...
I'm ok with all the sickness, as I'm learning, when you're the Mom you can't help but feel sorry for them even when it's so gross!  BUT I am trying to fight off some anxiety about the one and only wedding I have booked this year, on Saturday.  I've got work to do this week that has to get done.  I'm locked in, the money has been paid, and I'm under contract to pull this off.  I'm trusting that the Lord will work the details out, but in my eyes, it seems like it will only happen if Trav and I stay healthy.  So, if you could, will you pray for that??  I need to be able to work on Thursday for a few hours, then on Friday and Saturday.  Thankfully, it's a very small wedding in comparison to my others, and for that I'm so grateful!  I love this bride and I'm so excited to do her wedding, but I would be lying if I said this sickness wasn't stressing me out. 

So there you have it, it's been a week to remember in our house! 
Glad to know the Lord is in control and I'm not. 
Also thankful I'm able to be home with them and love them up. 
Here's hoping everyone sleeps all night and doesn't get sick tomorrow :)
A girl can dream, right??


Ron and Peggy said...

SO sorry about all the poor babies being sick. At least Ava waited until the end of the flight instead of take off. Praying for mom and dad to stay well and fit.

Anonymous said...

prayers for you...i lost a lazy boy in what sounds the same scenario about 3 years was beyond cleanup...i taped garbage bags on it till nick could come home and remove it from our house,lol...will be praying for quick healing and u not to get it!!