It's a Wild, Wild World

***UPDATE!!*** PRINCE CHARMING HAS SPOKEN!!  For those of you who are curious, yes MckMama has been notified of my celebrity sighting today and I just received a comment from none other than himself, "Prince Charming!!"  Isn't that fun?  I would like to state that from now on, if I ever spot a fellow blogger, I will make sure to say hi and if I'm feeling good about my hair, I'll even ask for a picture!!  Thank you PC for making me feel less like a stalker and more like a blog friend :) I wonder what Travis would do if one of you spotted him someday??  

There are some very exciting and quite random things going on in my world today....

*I got an email from the sharpie people today, unveiling their brand new sharpie..."the stainless steel."  Be still my beating heart.  "Why do you get emails from the sharpie people", you might be wondering?  Because my friend Alyce, who is aware of my love for sharpies, hooked me up with some coupons and put me on their mailing list.  Much, much love Alyce!

*I just finished my lunch, which included a return to my old stand-by, the Spaghetti o's.  I do happen to have a fridge full of food, including leftovers from a roast I made, but for some reason those darn spaghetti o's sounded so good again.  Maybe I'm morphing back into my early pregnancy cravings?   I also finished it off with a salad and some Olive Garden salad dressing, courtesy of my brother-in-law.  Not to worry though.  My Mom will be here this weekend and she will shame me out of eating those "nasty" spaghetti o's!  I have to be careful or she might throw them out when I'm not looking :) 

*I am laying low today because I am fighting a bad cold and trying to keep it from becoming more than that.  I just returned from the doctor and thankfully my rapid strep test was negative, but I still feel crummy.  So, I'm doing a lot from my bed this afternoon.  Sore throat, stuffy ears, runny's all such a bummer, but at least it's not strep!

*Speaking of Target, the wildest thing about my day today is that I had a celebrity sighting while I was leaving the parking lot.  That's right people, I spotted Prince Charming and MckNugget, of MckMama's world!!!  If you don't follow her blog, you should.  She's really funny and so talented.  I have emailed her before, after a spotting of her entire family at our church, so I knew she lived somewhat close to me.  NOW however, I know that she's closer than I thought!  We shop at the same Target for crying out loud!  Of course while I was dying to say hi, as we were both headed back to our vehicles, I realized that I could not say hello because the only thing I know him as is "Prince Charming" and his son "MckNugget."  How exactly does one tactfully say, "Hi! I know you, you're Prince Charming, from the internet!" without sounding like a crazy stalker??  Trust me, I was tempted.  But I couldn't find the courage to do it.  I wonder what I'll do if I actually spot MckMama one day??  If this is any indication, I'll probably be hiding in an aisle somewhere :)  It was wildly exciting for me however!  For 5 minutes I grinned while I drove slowly past his big red truck....seriously, that does sound stalker-ish, doesn't it??  If It makes you feel better, I called Travis and texted my cousin Jenny to tell them about it.  Oh the life I lead. 

*Is it just me, or are you totally irritated by the negative backlash towards my favorite idol contestant, Danny??  Yes, he's the worship Pastor who lost his wife 7 months ago.  He's very, very talented and has made it into the top 12, but now people are giving him grief for "using" his wife's death to gain votes.  Are you kidding me???  As if he wanted to lose his wife?  As if it is somehow possible to never mention it or be affected  by it when it was only 7 months ago???  I can't stand to hear that.  Let the poor guy be who he is.  His life will forever be altered by her death, whether people like that or not.  Frankly, unless you've been through the death of a spouse, I don't think you have any right to criticize someone who has.  There are some incredibly bitter and heartless people out there....

*On a happier note, I am up to my eyeballs in Amish Friendship Bread over here!  Do you all know what I'm talking about??  The famous "chain letter" of baking?  I have had so many of these things over the years, but it's been awhile since I've participated.  Well 2 weeks ago, someone gave us a starter and now we've been roped back in.  In case you don't know what I'm talking about, you receive a starter bag of batter that you let sit on your countertop for 10 days, only adding a few ingredients here and there, until it's time to divide it again and bake it.  At that point, you bake several loaves for yourself and then pass out the starter bags and recipes to your friends, so they can do it too.   It's a lovely concept.  The bread is to die for, so rich and sinfully good!  But, it's a hassle to keep those darn bags and hand them out.  So, we have been nursing 3 starter bags for the last 10 days, because we were too lazy to get rid of them in time.  Last night was our night of reckoning and we baked 10, yes TEN, loaves of bread!!  It smells heavenly in our house and we both had generous amounts for breakfast this morning, but I am DONE with the amish bread!  I am handing those bags out to my neighbors and then throwing anything left over.  I can't commit 10 more days to those things and neither can my hips :) 

*It's such a beautiful day outside today.  It's sunny and like 38...Perfect for an afternoon nap :)  Thanks for all your fun comments on my pineapple post!  These are wild days for the Armstrongs, aren't they?  Hope you have a great Wednesday!!  I plan on napping mine away.


petrii said...

So have you told MckMama you was stalking her husband and son? Too funny. I'd have done the same thing. How cool to live that close to MckMaMa and her fam. That is a TERRIFIC site she has there. Did you hear about the MckCruise? How fun would that be, to get to stalk in person? =)

I hadn't heard that about Danny. He is so my favorite too. I lost my first husband many years ago, and the pain of that seven months later is so raw, even years later it still hurts. People seriously need to let this guy do what he needs to do. I LOVE his voice and I don't think he is "playing" that card at all. It is just his life right now.

Hope you have a Blessed evening and feel better,

Shell said...

That is awesome about seeing PC and MckNugget! I don't know that I would have said Hi either, but I probably would have to MckMama. I somehow expect that PC would have been really nice to talk to, from knowing how much support the blog had for Stellan.

That's a great "celebrity" sighting!

Alexandra's Mommy said...

Ok, so she lives way closer then I thought! I thought she lived up north somewhere like by DULUTH!! Does she go to your church a lot?

I am trying to think of what target you shop at! I so want to run into them one day ha ha ha! I would have done the same thing you did but ran up and said PRINCE CHARMING! I NEED A PICTURE! ha ha ha!

Love the post! and I LOVE DANNY!

Jay & Leta Palmer said...

Danny is my FAVORITE!!!! :) And so talented! Maybe they should blast the blind guy for 'using' that to get votes (don't get me wrong, i like him too). Don't let them fool you, he's getting backlash because he is a pastor....


all up in each others bizness said...

ahahaha....i posted about the sharpie on your facebook first thing this morning :) the bidding is actually quite low on ebay for them right now!


Faith said...

I love sharpies too! How neat that you saw some blog is pretty weird, isn't it?

Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Heather said...

Hope you get to feeling better...I will pray for a quick recovery! We did that bread thing last year and I thought it was a pain! But I am no domestic goddess or anything!!! I am laughing at the celebrity blog sighting....I would have been the same way! My husband thinks it's so funny when I talk about blog people like I know them...but I DO!!!
Feel better!
OH- and I didn't know people were saying that about Danny and it makes me IRATE!!

Prince Charming said...


next time feel free to say hi. some old friends nicknamed me shawn so you'll get my attention with that name likely. MckMama showed me your post and I had to say hi. Nuggey is usually pretty huggey and is too happy to so next time don't hesitate. Spring come quickly!

Kelly said...

This is too funny..I can't believe you ran into PC. Maybe some day we'll run into each other! :)