A Weekend of Love!!

Ok, so I have officially been referring to this weekend with Travis as "our weekend of love!"  It was supposed to begin this morning, but it started early when Trav walked in late last night, after a meeting at Church, with a GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers for me.  Ohh how I love him.  I will not be blogging until we get home, but when I do I will show you pictures of my flowers and some from our adventures this weekend.  Yes, you caught that...secret number one, we are spending the day and night "out," away from home!!  Ryley has his favorite babysitter coming tonight to stay with him, so we're all happy over here!    

I did want to quickly update you about the young Pastor and his wife that I asked you to pray for earlier this week.  I got an email from my friends, who know them, last night with a great update about Anna's progress.  I'm going to copy a few lines from that email below:

...Anna is experiencing what is being called a dramatic turnaround!!  The clot in her lung is decreased rapidly and her breathing difficulties and chest pain are decreasing rapidly as well. The clot in her arm is about the same, but has not moved. Further tests for more clots were done and have all come back negative.

As a result of this turnaround, she has been moved out of the ICU and into an OB wing of the hospital. They are going to try and wean her off of the IV Heparin in favor of injectable Heparin. If she does well on the injectable version, she will be released to home in a week or so with obvious restrictions.

Apparently, this young woman in Indiana has been surrounded in prayer from near and far. We know of the prayers from Indiana, Iowa and Minnesota..but just heard of others. Her mother's church had some people visiting from Nigeria and heard of Anna’s difficulties. They took the prayers back to their people in Nigeria…and the circle increases.

Anna is due at the end of May. The plans until today were to take the baby April 1, about 2 months early, at the NICU. Due to the recent dramatic turn around, those plans are now on hold and she will be evaluated on a continuing basis.

As you can imagine, she is not out of the woods yet, but she is doing much better.  The original prognosis was very, very grave but clearly the Lord has been moved by the prayers of his people and He has granted them grace and some healing.  Thank you for praying with me...I shared before that I personally don't know this couple, but I know if it were Travis and I going through this, I would covet every prayer from everyone and everywhere.  This story makes me so grateful that we are healthy and able to be out celebrating our marriage this weekend.    

Have a wonderful Valentines Day!!!  We will be!! 


Rebecca Jo said...

Love the power of prayer! We'll continue!

Hope you have a wonderful adventure!!! And already getting flowers? Sounds like its kicked off with a great start!

petrii said...

YAY!! For weekends with the hubs away for the normal. Hope you have a blessed weekend!!!

God is so good!!!!! I'm so glad that she is doing better.

Have a Blessed weekend,

Jay & Leta Palmer said...

I love hearing about how God works! It's so amazing! :)Have a fantastic weekend!

Rebecca said...

I am SO thankful for the good news and will continue to pray.

Y'all have great weekend! I wish we could go somewhere! Maybe we will- maybe this little girl will be my little Valentine!?!

Y'all have a great time and enjoy some "couple time" before Ava gets here! Can't wait til she's here!

Anonymous said...

Oh, good, I'm so glad her condition has improved. It did sound about as bad as it can get.

You guys have a great V day. Ron, mom and I went to Tarpley last night for catfish and shrimp, go Naylene and Chocolate Pie. Take care. Love you. Peggy

Heather said...

Can't WAIT to hear all about your weekend! You guys are the sweetest couple! I will keep praying for the friends....God is good!