Dear Ava...

Do you think it is possible that you could slow your rapid growth down??

Today you are 9 months old and your Mom is having a hard time believing that.  Well, maybe I believe it,  it's just that I don't want to accept it.  This year is going by too fast and you are growing up too quickly.  I'm sure this won't be the last time you hear me say this, but could you just be my baby forever?  Is that ok with you?  Can we just put the breaks on this "growing up" thing and dabble in this moment just a little bit longer?


I didn't think so.

You know what Ava??  Soon you may think that it's hard being a little girl, but let me tell you something, it's even harder being a Mom.  Choking back tears while your heart swells with emotion...

Well, someday you'll understand what that's like.
I love you sweet girl and I always will.



CJ said...

Beautiful post! Happy nine months B'day to Ava!

Jesse and Stacie said...

Dear Ava,
I also ask that you stop growing up so fast! At least until April. Love you!!!

Aunt Stacie

~Bekah said...

OH WOW! 9 MONTHS ALREADY? Shelby will be 8 months old on Feb. 12th.. can't belive our little babies are growing up soo fast! btw, where did u get that adorable outfit and tights?? SOOO CUTE!

prashant said...

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