Great Parenting on Display

Yep, I've resorted to Nick Jr. to babysit my child.  
But only on Sunday morning, when I'm trying to get ready for Church by myself and a certain little person, will NOT give me a break.
Although I don't think she has any comprehension regarding TV, nor do I think she really pays much attention to it, I would be in big trouble without Dora the Explorer and this excersaucer.  They afford me a precious 10 minutes to race around the house and get everything done.
10 minutes if I'm lucky that is.  
That's about all the time this one will give me before even she's bored of being "confined."  
She sure is cute for all the trouble she can cause, huh?
I guess I'll keep her.  


Erin said...

Try the sprout channel. Alex loves it and it has great shows on it. I have never been a big fan of Nick Jr. I don't even know the channel but the sprout channel is for younger kids. Has dragon tails and caliou, handy mandy, barenstien bears... I don't love her watching that much tv but it is nice to have a break for awhile :)

Peggy & Ron said...

That exersaucer is delux!