Happy Birthday to Texie and Addie Jo!!

We have two special ladies in our family who are celebrating a birthday today!!

Today is Trav's Mom and Ava's Grandma Texie's birthday!!

Texie came to visit one week after Ava was born.

And from that first visit, I don't know who was more taken with whom!

We are very thankful for the love you have for our Ava and the relationship you have worked to build over the last 8 months.

You are a wonderful Mom and an even better Grandma!

We appreciate all the hours you have spent playing with Ava, laughing with her, rocking her to sleep, telling her stories and bringing her lots of gifts.
She loves her Texie already and of course, we already love you too!
Happy Birthday!!

Not only is Texie the only one with a birthday today, but so is Miss Addie Jo!!
Happy Birthday Addie!!
Ava thinks you are the best cousin and so do Uncle Trav and Aunt Stephanie.

We had so much fun with you in Texas and can't wait to see you again soon!
We hope you have a wonderful birthday today!!

Happy Birthday Texie and Addie!!
We love you both.

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Peggy & Ron said...

What a nice birthday display!