It's Good to Be a Hawkeye!!!!

We won our bowl game!!!  I can finally relax, now that our big game is over and we walked away with a big win!!  So happy for my Hawkeyes tonight, I can hardly stand it!  What a great season we had and what a perfect ending!
In honor of the big game tonight, we had some friends over for a little bowl party...

I made some Hawkeye Cake Balls :)

And Ava debuted her new Hawkeye tutu, that I made over Christmas break!

Isn't it so cute??

We believe in indoctrinating her early.

She felt like she needed to get a closer view of her team!

And she was just as nervous as her Mom was the whole night!

But as we watched the 4th quarter unfold, we held our breath, cheered for our Hawks and watched them bring home a big win for the great state of Iowa!!!

Yes, Ava, it's good to be a Hawkeye!!!
And I agree with your finger, we are #1!!

Stanzi, we heart you.  Seriously.  Thanks for a great opening quarter and wonderful game!
Welcome back, we missed you.

And Wegher, when you caught that ball and scored the last touchdown,
I may have told everyone that I love you.
And I do.
Because you're a Hawkeye.



CJ said...

Ava looks supremely cute in her tutu! She is gorgeous!

Miz Jean said...

So is Travis a Hawk fan just because he's yoked to you or did that take some persuasion on your part? :)

By the way, you look GREAT in these pictures!

petrii said...

I rooted for your beloved Hawkeyes from MO last night!!

Have a Super Blessed day,

Faith said...

Love the tu-tu! Super did a great job! Glad your team won. We have a friend who's uncle is one of their coaches!

Amber said...

Yay Hawks! Ella was shouting "GO HAWKEYES" as loud as she could. Tim was so proud :)
Ava looks adorable ... and so grown up all the sudden! :)

Jesse and Stacie said...

Cutest little Hawkeye fan I've ever seen!! :) What an awesome game...terrifying, but awesome!

Melissa said...

she must be the cutest little hawkeyes fan ever! love the tutu. you should do a tutorial on your blog for people like me that don't have a crafty/creative bone in their body! :)

Donna said...

Adorable tutu...good job!!! Adorable baby too...good job there tootoo!!

Peggy & Ron said...

Really glad you got to celebrate with your number 1 & 2 Hawkeye fans. Did you teach her 2 bits?

prashant said...

By the way, you look GREAT in these pictures!

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