Today I...

-Woke up next to the man of my dreams.
-Smiled when he brought Ava into our bed after she woke up, her wild hair stuck to her head and her sleepy eyes still squinty from the bright sunshine streaming in.  My two favorite people.  My heart swelled watching them.
-Fed Ava her first bottle and then watched while she tore around the house on her knees, looking for something to get into.
-Tried to skype with my parents while Trav vacuumed the living room for me.  Almost gagged at the amount of dog hair he emptied from the canister.  Twice.  Tried to troubleshoot my parents microphone issue, but to no avail.
-Said good-bye to Travis while Ava took her morning nap.  Told him to "be careful" about 20 times.  Not a big fan of ice-fishing up north on a huge, frozen lake, overnight. But he is.  I threw an extra pair of gloves and a hat into his bag and kissed him.
-Played all afternoon with Ava.  We crawled from one room to another for hours.  She pushed her little car while walking behind it.  I organized her toys.  She pulled all her clean clothes out of a drawer I had open.  I put them all back.
-I fed her a bottle, in hopes of her falling asleep for an afternoon nap.  She did.  And in rare form, she fell asleep all snuggled up in my arms.  I melted a million times over and stared at her sweet face.  I took in every single feature and flashed back to our first day in the hospital.  I held her much longer than usual and then laid her down in her crib.  She stayed asleep.  I climbed in my own bed and snuggled in for a nap.  2 hours later, we both woke up.  Bliss.
-Trav called from the lake.  Ava and I had some dinner.  Skyped again with my parents.  Laughed while she performed lots of tricks for them.  Sent some love notes, via text to Travis.  Took Ryley out.  Sent some more texts back and forth with a friend.  Did some laundry.  Cleaned the kitchen.  Vacuumed (again).  Put Ava to bed.  Ate some ice-cream.  Took Ryley out. Organized Ava's diaper bag for Church tomorrow.  Said goodnight to Trav.  Kissed Ava.  Gave Ryley some love too.  Settled in to bed.

Today I had a good day.


petrii said...

Sounds like a beautifully Blessed day!!

Love you friend ~~ Dawn

Anonymous said...

I've commented before (anonomously b/c I don't have a Google account) - I have a little girl the same age as Ava (born 4/18/09) and I just love reading your posts about Ava - I thought your description of your day sounded like pretty close to a perfect day. . . . Your blog reminds me how blessed I am to have a perfect healthy baby. Thank you.

Erin said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! I am also not a big fan of ever being on a frozen lake or any type of frozen water!!! I loved hearing about your day :)