Christmas Came Early

On Sunday night, after realizing how cold it was getting outside and knowing we had 20+ inches of snow on the ground with more on the way, we made a wild and crazy move.  
I know, so unlike us :) 

It was becoming apparent that Ava was feeling the same cabin fever feelings that her Daddy and I were.  While the snow fell fast and furiously, she happily played with all of her toys, watched a few of her favorite shows, ate as many snacks as we would allow her to, and read every book she owns.  She was very, very good and happy to be at home with us...blissfully unaware that she was about to be homebound for days on end.  But with below 0 temps and wind chills in the  negative 10's and 20's, we knew we needed to keep the kids in for awhile.  Especially Carter.  It's just too cold to have him out and about when he's so little and at risk for respiratory infections, the flu, etc.  So as I pondered how to keep them entertained, with the walls of our condo literally closing in on me, I realized we were quickly running out of "fun" options...
In a complete role reversal, I suggested we go get the large Christmas gift we had purchased for Ava and let her open it now...13 days before Christmas.  I thought it was a brilliant idea, she doesn't even know what Christmas really is yet, or that typically gifts are given that morning.  As I explained my reasoning to Travis, he agreed and like 2 goofy kids dying in anticipation of their own present, we brought it out.  

We didn't even wrap it :) 
And we didn't have to...
 As soon as she saw it, she gasped in excitement and immediately broke out into applause!  
She LOVES play kitchens right now and I think she was totally thrilled at the surprise :) 
Her initial reaction was totally worth penny and more...
 "Daddy, can we open it??"
 "Seriously, what are you grinning about??  Can you get this thing out??"
 Before we could even pull it out of the box...
 ...she was already all over it :) 
 And she didn't even need it to be all set up before she started to play with it and chatter incessantly about it!
 I was the decal gal :) 
 And I took great pride in my decal applying skills, knowing it would make me crazy to live with decals that weren't on straight for years to come.  This was a critical stage and as you can see, I had a little helper who insisted on cooking while I was designing her kitchen :) 
 There is a good reason most people put these things together while their kids are in bed!
 We could not get out of her way fast enough :) 
 Oh how I love this future chef of mine :) 
 Guarding her kitchen with her life...
I think she was "over" us showing her every little thing and explaining it.  
The girl just wanted to play!
And so, with great joy in our hearts over making her so happy (ha ha, can't you sense her joy here??) we watched her play for hours on end that night.
She carefully examined her new cookware...
...and whipped up her favorite dishes for her adoring parents to eat :) 

Yep, Christmas came early in our house and no one was more excited about it than 2 grown adults who would do anything to make their little ones smile!  

I'm sorry, but Santa has nothing on us!!!


Rachel said...

How adorable is that!? We had the same kitchen in the condo for Jacks...and now Fin is starting to play with it!

I hope you guys are keeping warm! :)

Rebecca Jo said...

what a cool mom you are for thinking of that...

I bet she would have been so overwhelmed with all the gifts on Christmas that this was really the BEST way she could enjoy it... & you all too!

Awesome IDEA!!!!

Erin said...

That is awesome!! Good choice :) Hope she enjoys it for months to come!

Toni :O) said...

Great idea! I would have done the same thing for sure. Now she can enjoy it even longer. Yay for you guys!

petrii said...

Oh yeah for you and Travis!!! How adorable!! WOW the kitchens they have out today are the Mac-Daddy of play kitchens. How cute is that?

I love it that you gave it to her early. How fun!!

Have a Blessed evening,

Michelle Simpson Photos said...

What a great idea! I'm so glad she is so happy with it! Stay warm!

Peggy & Ron said...

Ron can never wait for Christmas either. What a fun present and maybe she will cook you up some great grub. Ava, I like mine with jalapenos!

Jesse said...

Oh Paaaaaaaaaaaaaagey!

You might as well get her started in the kitchen as soon as possible, as it is the dominant gene in the Ferguson family.

Decals: I'm glad I will have you as a reference when we have kids. I know having kids will largely break me of my OCD habits but I know some will still remain. I will frequently be asking how you cope/coped with situations :)

I love Ava's ankles/feet in the last picture. You realize crazy cute pictures of her like that just make Jennie and I just want to "abuse her with love" all the more :) We sure are going to have some fun with her at Christmas!!

See you in a week!

Darla said...

LOVE kitchen sets. My favorite gift growing up was fake food. Never tired of it. Maybe 'cause I liked the real stuff so much:)