My List of Excuses Begins Now...

I know, it's been awhile.  I'm hearing from the Grandparents now...You know it's serious when they're begging for some new pictures on the blog and checking our facebooks too :) I do have a few good reasons I haven't been on here, so to justify my behavior, let me list them here:

1.  Our internet has been down.  Legitimately down.  But, after a second call this morning with customer service we are back up and running again!
2.  My computer is completely out of memory on my hard drive.  Not a single bite left.  This has been a long time coming, but it also means we are in the market for a new computer and hope to have one in the next week or so.  Praise the Lord and Hallelujah!  
3.  Because my hard drive is full, every time I want to upload pictures, I have about 30 minutes worth of work to do in deleting old pictures in order to make room.  It's a big hassle and often the thought it makes me want to give up entirely.  BUT, I've been working on that this morning and like I said, I have a new computer with LOTS of hard drive coming soon :) 
4.  In our effort to stay home and out of the cold, we all managed to catch a cold.  That figures, right??  It started with Ava, then Carter and over the weekend Travis and I.  Fortunately, Carter seems to only have a very, very mild version but the rest of us have been hit with a runny nose, sore throat and achy body feeling.  I've chosen a nap several times over blogging.  
5.  It's almost Christmas!  Therefore my "spare" time has been filled with address collecting, Christmas Card letter writing, online shopping, errand running, etc.  I don't expect that to ease up in the next few days, but get ready because I have an onslaught of posts coming your way anyway to keep you updated and entertained!

So there you have it. 
My list of absentee excuses.  

Christmas with 2 cuties is more overwhelming than ever, but ten times more fun so far :)
And speaking of those 2 cuties, here they are in their jammies this weekend.
Morning looks and all :) 
Apparently shocked at Mommy's lack of blogging too.

No worries, I'm back and soon you'll be sick of me again!  
Especially considering the number of pictures I have ready to send you way.  
So Happy Monday everyone!!
Especially to the Grandparents in our life :) 


Jesse said...

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Might as well not stop til Thursday morning, in my opinion.

I think Carter will be an excellent candidate for "Blue Steel: 2024".

Hopefully Stace & I can pick up the flu bug too while we're there and then give it the rest of our families :)

Odd, the grandparents never bug me for more weather maps :) Sorry you have to bear the full brunt of their "grandchild blog pictures demand". Hopefully we and the Knapps will suppress that full demand on you soon :)

See you in two days!!

Sarah said...


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