Just Another Weekend in MinneSNOWta

You may have heard...We had a blizzard here yesterday.
A BIG blizzard.  
The 5th largest snow in Minnesota's history, actually.  
Yep, it was big.  
It started snowing on Friday night, while we were coming home from our date.  It was gorgeous out, the kind of night that is incredibly romantic...still, quiet and full of big, wet flakes.  Beautiful.  By the time we woke up the next morning, this is what we saw.  
 A white haze and snow that was falling faster than I've seen in many years.  
It was crazy.
 Normally, we can see right through our screened-in balcony, out into our neighboorhood.  But not yesterday.  Yesterday we just saw white, and lots of it!
 We had our own accumulation going on right inside our balcony!
 When we went to bed last night, it was dangerously cold with total white-out conditions.  We had something like 14 inches of new snow, on top of our 6 or so that was already on the ground.  It was a definite "snow day" if I've ever seen one!  We thoroughly enjoyed it and stayed in all day with the kids.  We watched movies, baked cookies, cleaned up, read, took naps, and just relaxed.  It was a great day.  We also invited our sweet neighbor over to have dinner with us, which was fun.  She gave us another face to look at after hours and hours of being home :) 
 This morning when we woke up, the snow had stopped, but it was BITTER cold outside.  
Like 2 degrees with a -25 windchill.  
Not ideal in any sense of the word.  
The sun was shining however and Trav had to go out to get to Church.  
Because in Minnesota, we don't cancel Church, even with 20 inches of snow and 20 below wind chill!  
Life goes on, but the kids and I stayed home :) 
 We have several inches of snow, just inside our balcony!
There is so much blowing snow because of the wind, you'd never know we are screened-in!
A view of our parking lot, which had been plowed at least 5 times when this was taken!
We've spent a lot of time doing this...
...just lounging around and napping :) 
 At the request of my brother-in-law, I did venture out for a few minutes this afternoon and take a few pictures of the "aftermath."  
Those black dots are the remnants of a bush, covered in 2 feet of snow!
 And this is our freshly plowed sidewalk...
 Some of the drifts by our parking garage...
 ...and sadly, this is Trav's car.  Totally snowed in.  
We do have a heated parking garage, but only one spot.  Because my husband loves me and is kind, my car is warm and toasty inside, but his is not.  Because I love him and I don't want him to freeze, I'm happy to stay put and give up my car in weather like this.  There is no where I want to go that badly!  
Here are some drifts at the end of our lot, at least twice as tall as I am.  
I'm pretty sure this pile will be there until April.  
And I'm totally serious.
 This is a tall tree, that now looks like a bush.
 And this is a view of a our big hill in our backyard, which now looks like a giant, snow covered parking lot.  
 One of my boot prints :) 
I was sinking fast and quickly pulled my foot out before I had snow up my pants.  
Man, I hate that!
Fittingly, as I walking back to our front door, a snowmobile went by.
And he quickly sailed up that big snow hill!  
Only in Minnesota do you have to look out for snowmobiles on your neighborhood sidewalks.
The pile of snow by our front door, where our landscaping used to be :) 

Jesse, this post was for you!  
We have lots of snow, can't wait to see you soon so I can throw you in it!! Ha Ha ha...


Erin said...

love it . . you took more pictures then me and i stayed in my house ha ha :) We stayed home all day today it was freezing!

Sonya said...

I don't think I could handle THAT much snow! Holy Cow! The inside of our windows look a lot like you're screened in porch today! The wind was blown the snow everywhere!

Michele said...

Wow Stephanie...I wouldn't even know what to do up there! We are getting ready for our "arctic air" tonight and tomorrow...I think it'll drop into the 30s (and we'll all probably freeze to death!)

Michele~in Naples :-)

Lindsey said...

Ever thought of installing a remote car starter on his car? I have had one added to my car and LOVE it! It was less than $200 for the starter and installation. Plus, it has already been moved to my car from my old one for little $$. Definitely worth it!

Rebecca Jo said...

We have 2 inches of snow with 19 degrees temp & I'm freaking out in misery! :)

Glad you stayed tucked in with the babies... & glad you at least have some plowed sidewalks & roads :) If you can just stay in, it is beautiful to watch...stay safe!

Toni :O) said...

Whoa...that is a LOT of snow! We got quite a bit over here in Michigan too but not nearly as much as you all. At least you didn't have to dig, we did and it was HARD work with all that slush underneath the snow! Now it's sooo bitter poor doggie doesn't even want to go outside! least the kids got a snow day with daddy today and I get to see them at lunchtime...lucky us! Stay warm!

Holly said...

crazy steph! Mike and I were just commenting on what weather wimps we've become in TX. We think it is sooo cold when it is in the 40's. It has been cold for TX so far, but I think we are rebounding back to 75 deg. by Wednesday. I do not know how you bundle those kids up everyday, but the garage would help so much. Enjoy the snow!