Wacky and Tacky

On Wednesday night, Travis hosted their annual "Wacky Tacky Christmas Party" in Junior High and of course, the kids and I decided to go be part of the fun!
Santa made his appearance and kept the crowds happy with his charm and good looks :) 
 Leading the way by looking especially tacky in his ugly Christmas sweater, Santa hat and running pants.  
 Ava came dressed in her wacky Christmas jammies and spent the beginning of the night, dying in anticipation of that door opening so all of her junior high peeps could come in!  
 See what I mean??
 Tacky AND Wacky!
 Decorating Christmas Sugar Cookies
(I made sure to eat mine before hundreds of germy hands touched that stuff!)
Travis did not...
 Ava and her groupies :) 
Doing her best to get that jar of frosting. 
Because she is so persistent, I should tell you that she did succeed at this.  When no one was looking, I caught her dipping her finger in the frosting, then running over to a little table where she smeared it all over, before licking those same fingers :) 
No wonder we all got colds this week!
 Merry Christmas from the wackiest and tackiest youth staff around!
Would you trust your teenagers with these people???

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