We're finally home from camp!

Well, it's Saturday now and we're finally home, recovering from a week with junior high students! What a great week it's been. I'm always amazed at how tired and sore we are when we get home from something like that! We are just chillin today, watching tv, and laying around...perfect. I have absolutely no idea how we will do this when we have kids, but I guess we'll figure it out when we need to! Anyway, for now we are happy to be in our own house, in a clean bed with a clean shower!! And Ryley has done nothing but sleep since we walked in the door last night! Have a great weekend...


amy said...

Hey Stephanie!

It looks like you all had an awesome time at camp... and what a great honor that Travis was able to baptize 10! WOW! That's an awesome priviledge!!!!

Kinston is actually only 30 minutes from Greenville... that's actually where I go to shop... it has the closest Target! :) We would love to have your sister & hubby down for dinner one night... are they living on campus or nearby in Winterville (that's where most of the grad students live)? If you ever come visit her, you'll definitely have to stop by!!!! :)

Enjoy your restful weekend! :)

The Martins said...

I love looking at camp pics. There really is nothing like Camp. I wish Texas Slim had come to our camp this summer. I'd let him baptize me anyday. -Ed

sheltonfamily said...

Are you wearing a jacket in these pictures? I really don't think we've worn jeans or a jacket since April. Today, Mike said he thought he just needed to buy more shorts. We are also thinking of selling all of his dress-clothes since Watermark is anti-tie! WHOO! We also love Travis' Texas shirt... We'll have to find one!