A Sunday with My Boys

My spray roses I bought for myself, just because I thought they were pretty!

I love having a big dog for this reason! When you want to hug them, it's like hugging a human!

Ryley watching the NBA playoffs with Travis (notice the role reversal in who gets the floor and who gets the sofa) This dog lives a good life!

And after such an exciting game (or not) Ryley decided to get a jump start on his afternoon nap, on Trav's shoulder. One of many reasons why I am in love with this dog, and the guy smiling!


Faith said...

Your dog is so pretty! Love those pics of him laying around on the couch...too cute! Our boxer thinks that he has to have a pillow to lay on at all times. Spoiled rotten doggies, I tell ya!
Hope you had a great day!

amy said...

I'm so glad you had a great day with Travis and Ryley! I thought of you throughout the day and prayed that God would bless you richly and touch you with His everlasting presence! We love you guys!

sheltonfamily said...

What a fun day... sounds like ours...I'm telling you I don't think bball is ever going to end. It's a good thing I don't mind it cause TNT has the 40 days of nba playoffs that Mike has watched every day! Rylie is so sweet and is a spoiled dog that is for sure much more than Jabez ever was obviously since he went to the pound!