2 Months Old!

Well sweet little Ava, you are already 2 months old!  Your Daddy and I can't believe how quickly time is passing, but with every new day we are falling deeper and deeper in love with you!  You had a big second month Ava, with lots of new things and big milestones.  We are so proud of you already, here's just a few snapshots explaining why...
You are one cute little girl :) In just one month, we can already see how you're growing!  Here is what you looked like last month:
Still stinkin cute, but a little smaller :) 
In your second month, we went from hard days to good days, almost overnight!  From week 3-6, you were pretty fussy, we were pretty exhausted and none of us really knew what to do :) After you hit that week 6 milestone, you turned a corner and suddenly we all figured each other out.  Mommy told Daddy on many nights, "I LOVED being a Mommy today!"  You and I got into a groove and we started working on a schedule out that was good for both of us.  Ava, thanks for being patient with me when I wasn't always patient with you!  It seems those sleep deprived days are behind us now and we are pressing forward from here on out :) 
Like every little girl does, you have your Daddy wrapped around your little finger!!  He LOVES you Ava and it's all he can do to get in the door at night and get his hands on you :) Many, many nights he spends his time walking with you, reading to you, burping you, rocking you, talking to you and just looking at you.  You are a blessed little girl Ava.  You have a Daddy who thinks you hung the moon and that is a priceless gift.  
One of our biggest accomplishments this month was taking our first road trip!  We took you to Iowa for Memorial Day weekend and you did great in the car!!  We stopped to feed you once on the way down, but on the way back, you slept the whole way!  We've never packed our car so full, Mommy and Daddy were a little overboard with all your gear :) It's a good thing you're little and tucked away in your car seat because there wasn't any room for you otherwise!  You were so good on this trip, that Mommy decided to take you back to Iowa a few weeks later.  We went down just the two of us (and Ryley) and you were good as gold again.  The way home was a little tougher, but we made it and had a great time seeing your family in Iowa.  
After we got ourselves into a good breast feeding groove, Mommy decided she needed some more freedom, so she tweaked the schedule and started pumping to give you the option of a bottle.  Just like we thought, you took it right away!  Daddy gave you your first bottle so Mommy could go get her hair done :) You did such a great job that we decided to go on our first date too.  Mommy still feeds you herself, 80% of the time, but now we can give you a bottle when we're out and Daddy can feed you before bedtime.  

Speaking of bedtime, you are doing so great sleeping through the night!  Most of your second month, you slept 5-6 hours every night.  What a gift that was to your parents :) We swaddled you every night and kept you in the pack n' play bassinet in our room.  We love watching you sleep and there is nothing more fun to us than seeing your sweet little face in the morning...even when you're crying because you're hungry!  We're thankful that you are a good sleeper and a good napper too.  Most days you take a long nap in the morning and a long nap in the afternoon, in addition to some cat naps here and there.  We do our best to give you a consistent sleeping schedule and you have responded so well.   
Ava, there are some things that we love about you at this age.  One of them is your sweet round face :) We can tell that you are gaining weight because you are filling out and we love it!!
Probably our favorite thing about you being 2 months old, is that you are FULL of smiles and grins for us now.  We do ANYTHING to make you smile and we can do it for hours :) You are such a little beam of sunshine for our hearts Ava.  These smiles are no longer "accidental" they are responsive.  You are the best entertainment ever!
Despite all the smiling, you're still just as serious and contemplative as ever :) You wrinkle that forehead, stare intensely and raise those eyebrows constantly.  We would give anything to know what you must be thinking!  
Now, although this might be cruel, we wanted to remember how quickly you can go from happy to mad in just a matter of seconds...sooo, we may have photographed a "fit in the making..."
It usually begins with some squawks, that turn into "yells"... 
...which turns quickly into a furrowed brow of anger :) 
And then it's full-on crying....
Excuse me, "ticked-off" crying!  Sorry Ava, we just wanted to remember that.  At this point we stopped taking your picture and we scooped you up :) 
And look who turned those tears right off!  Ava, you have a magic trick that we have discovered.  You LOVE to stand!!  
It calms you right down and makes you downright happy!  Your little chicken legs are so strong, much stronger than they look.  You remind me so much of your Daddy because we can already tell that you are just itching to move!!
If we could hold you and let you stand all day, you would do it!  You'd much rather stand than sit and that makes us laugh :) 
Your eyes are still blue Ava and piercing too.  Do red heads have blue eyes??  We keep waiting to see if that hair color or that eye color is going to change.  We don't care if it does or doesn't though, we love  you just the way you are!
Our little body-builder :)  We keep hoping you'll add some fat to those bones so you're shots won't be so bad...
Ava this is as close as I'll ever come to posting your buns on the blog, but I just couldn't help myself...They are so yummy!!  And those little legs too :) 
Something else we love is the view of the back of your head.  Your hair is so long, it actually resembles a mullet :) It's long and hangs over the back of your shirt like an old man!  Pretty soon, we might be able to put it in a little ponytail.  Unless it falls out, which I hope doesn't happen :) 
You're getting better at head control Ava, but you're still our little baby :) Although it looks like you're snuggling with your bear, you actually just started to fall over and Daddy and I thought it was so funny!  
And so did you!  Then you thought it might be fun to suck on your fists, something else you've taken to doing this month. 
Ava, we love you baby girl!  Every little development, every big milestone, they're all hidden in our hearts and frozen in our minds.  We are so grateful for you, you are a little gift from the Lord.  As you keep growing, so do we.  We keep asking the Lord to help us be the parents you need us to be, but we know that we don't always achieve that.  No matter how we fall short, we rest in the peace that God loves you even more than we ever could and we pray daily that you will seek Him and know Him as you get older.  Even in these early months, we want you to know who the Lord is and why your Mommy and Daddy love Him.  So stick with us little girl, we are sure smitten with you!
Ok, Ok, I know...this look says it all.  Even you are ready for this update to be done!! 
Happy 2 months Ava Page!! 


Amanda Hoyt said...

Happy 2 Month Birthday, Ava!!
You are super cute!!

Erin said...

How can she be getting so big and growing so fast! Where does time go?! Check out my blog I mentioned you in an honesty scrap!!

Anonymous said...

She is adorable!!

Faith said...

If it's even possible, she just keeps getting cuter and cuter! Happy 2 months Ava!

Heather said...

I know I say it all the time...but seriously...where does the time go and why can't it just STOP?!?! Ava is just the cutest, most beautiful little girl! You guys all look so happy! She is a blessing straight from God!

Toni :O) said...

Awww...such a sweet post! Precious, precious baby girl! Glad her days and nights are turning around as sleep is the key to one set of happy parents. I'm sure you'll continue to enjoy the ride..the pictures sure show that!