RoadTrip 411

Just stopping in to say hello.  And Happy Thanksgiving.  And Merry Christmas!  That's a little early, but now that Thanksgiving is over, I'm moving on to all things Christmas!  Aren't you?? 

Thought I would give you the low down about our week so far, minus pictures.  Yes, I'm taking lots of them and even uploading them to my laptop.  But no, the internet here does not like me.  Or my pictures at least.  I've tried several times (read:wasted lots of time) trying to get some posted and I've decided I'll just wait until it decides to cooperate again.  Which may or may not happen in the next few days.  I'm really enjoying the break from technology, mostly from my cell phone.  Although I like all of you and I enjoy keeping up with friends and family, when you have no service and no capability to text, it's amazing how freeing the silence is.  Wi-fi is keeping us from being totally cut off, but even if we didn't have that, I think I would enjoy it just as much. 

So, the pictures are coming in the near future, but for tonight here is the 411 on the Armstrong Family Roadtrip:

-Roadtrips rock.  5 days in and I have thought at least a dozen times, I'm so glad we are doing this!  It has been so much fun to pack our little family up and hit the road together.  Even though they are little and we will remember this more than they will, it is SO WORTH IT to make these kind of memories together.  I think I can confidently say this will be the first of many roadtrips for the Armstrongs!

-Our kids are doing so well and we are so thankful!  I really wasn't sure how the car ride would go or how the sleeping in different places would pan out, but they have been troopers.  We did a huge chunk of the trip driving through the night, which was great because they slept through 90% of it.  When they were awake, looking out the windows or watching a movie or playing with toys kept them entertained.  And of course, eating. I practically ran a cafe from the back of the minivan, but it worked!  We had lots of snacks and drinks to keep us from having to stop for anything but gas.  I'm thinking all the stress of planning and packing definitely paid off. 

-I've fallen in love with my husband at least 10 times over!  Something about just being together, no work stress or's a good thing.  I love hanging out with him and especially being in his home state together.  He's a road warrior and I'm so thankful!  I tried to stay up with him throughout the night when we drove the first long stretch, but I didn't make it.  He let me sleep and smiled when I woke up asking, "Are you ok?  Did we hit something??" So far we haven't been on each other's nerves, but  who knows, that may come before this is said and done :) Ha ha!  We aren't perfect, but I do love him! 

-Taking time to see family and let our kids get to know their Grandparents and make these memories is so important.  Life is busy, we live a long distance from all of our parents, but these are years we don't want to miss making these connections and teaching our kids the value of family relationships.  It's not always easy to make big trips or get time away, but this trip is reminding me again that it's always worth it. 

-We love our minivan.  We are grateful that the Lord blessed us with the means to get it, when we got it, so that we could take this trip.  It's been so nice to have the extra space, a DVD player (can I get an amen??) and lots of other things we appreciate.  We've all had a comfortable ride and we're getting great gas mileage!  Who knew that would excite me??  She's done well on her inaugural trip, I think we'll keep her! 

-Although we're on a roadtrip, we have gotten more sleep in the last 4 days than we've gotten in months.  We've been in bed early every night and our kids are sleeping like rocks.  I actually feel very rested, which is amazing.  Travis continues to serve me by getting up with Carter in the morning and letting me sleep a little longer.  Did I mention that I love him??  We've been outside in the fresh air everyday and eaten more food than we know what to do with.  Today we ate at a fun place that Trav has been wanting to go to.  It's a local dive that was featured on Food Network's, "Diners, Drive-In's and Dives" and it was so good!  Travis had their famous "Cabrito Burger" which is...wait for it...Goat.  I stuck with the all-american cheeseburger :)

I hope you've had a blessed Thanksgiving!  We have so much to be thankful for, don't we?  This roadtrip is just one of many ways the Lord has blessed us this year.  We are grateful to Him this week and always...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  We will happily be enjoying ours in the South Texas sunshine!!

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