New Year, New Traditions

We spent the end of our Christmas vacation, ringing in the New Year at my parents house.  While that may seem insignificant or unexciting to you, it was *wonderful* to us!  This is the first year in 6 years that we haven't hosted or attended a student event on New Year's Eve and the first time we've been able to just relax and enjoy ourselves. 
We didn't do anything wild or crazy, but we did make a bunch of appetizers and after the kiddos went to bed, hilarity ensued.  Or something like that :)
The next generation took over the kitchen duties. 
Don't you LOVE my new apron??  Sometime I'll show you a full body picture of it because it is spectacular!!  And I wear it pretty much every night.  And yes, everyone makes fun of me for it :) I don't care!  I feel like I'm channeling my inner June Cleaver/Betty Crocker when I've got it on.  I think it was the best purchase I made in the month of December.
There was some scrabble going down...
...and Jesse was schmoozing his Mom and Mother-in-law...
...while we flipped back and forth between some seriously lame NYE coverage.  Honestly, someone needs to totally revamp the programming on NYE.  It's boring, it's full of celebrities no one cares about (or knows) and it's the same old thing it's been for the last 25 years.  Time to pass the baton, Dick Clark.  And I say that respectfully.  Ryan Seacrest (is that how you spell his name??) you can do better than that, I just know it.  As long as the Kardashians are not involved, I think you'll be golden!  It can only go up from here.
Our cute little family on the eve of a new year!  Wonder what the Lord has in store for us in 2012??  Exciting to think about!
The old folks were putting us to shame with their excitement about a kiss at midnight!  Ha ha!  My Dad just broke into a nervous sweat reading that online :)
Once we got those babies to bed, we were excited!!  For about 5 minutes :) Then we debated about whether or not we could possibly stay awake till midnight.  Not to mention if it was really worth it??
It was. 
I was still giddy that we weren't sharing the night with hundreds of teenagers!
Whoops, forgot to give Travis the "no t-shirt" memo :) At least he was smart enough to wear an Iowa shirt.  All was forgiven with that choice.
Although we were all groggy from our late night fun, we got our rear ends out of bed and went to Church on New Year's Day.  Which just might be my favorite way to spend that day actually.  Can't really think of a better way to kick off a new year.  Carter was bright eyed and happy because he got plenty of sleep!
Aunt Stacie and Uncle Jesse were soaking up all the time they had left with our kids.  We were happy to sit back and let them do everything for a final 24 hours :)

What a fun week at Grammy and Grampy's house!
We had a great break, full of family and a low-key schedule.  Just what we all needed. 
Thanks for letting me play catch-up this week with my holiday posts.  Now I can take a deep breath and embrace January.  All 11 days that are left of it! 

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Sonya said...

I agree with you about the NYE entertainment on TV. We turned to it at midnight and I had no clue who any of the people were! There has to be something better that they could do.