Happy Monday!  We have been busy this weekend and happily enjoying our last week before Travis starts coaching again.  Soccer beckons, but before it starts we are having some fun together.  We took the kids out for breakfast on Friday and Ava told me to "Take my picture wif Daddy!"  So I did and my girl who typically won't look at the camera and does anything BUT cooperate, pulls this little smile out!
 She is quickly falling hard for her Daddy.  He hangs the moon in our house and especially in Ava's eyes.  I love watching their relationship unfold and grow.  I love my Dad so much and he loves me and I want the same for Ava and her Daddy!
 Not to mention, for this little guy!  He LOVES his Daddy and especially when it comes to playing, but for now his heart belongs to MOMMY :) :) :) He still wants me and I'm happy to deliver, ha ha!  He and his Daddy are sharing a new joy together and that is an appreciation for the kind of "noises" that boys specialize in.  Yes, I'm talking about those noises.  When one of them starts in, the other falls into hysterics, laughing.  Surprise, surprise...
Even though our anniversary fell on a very busy day for both of us, my sweet husband walked in the door at 10pm with flowers and a card.  I was SO ready to extend lots of grace, knowing he didn't have time to even think about that, but he surprised me :) My kitchen has been full of sunshine ever since! 
 The bunk beds are still a hit, for all of us :) We started to have some issues with Miss Ava waking Carter up to play or setting a bad example and teaching him to climb out and play after we closed the door...those little stinkers!  BUT, a sweet friend of mind gave me a wonderful idea to help curb that and it's been working like a charm.  She told me when her boys did that she decided to sit in their room with her Bible or a book and read quietly until they fell asleep.  Her presence alone stopped their antics and helped keep them in bed and "on task!"  Plus, it gave her boys a sweet memory of their Mom reading and praying for them every night.  I've been doing it for a week and guess what, it's worked!  They just love it and Ava asks me every night if I'm going to read my Bible til she falls asleep?  I've been sitting in the rocker in their play room, out of their bunk room but within eyesight. They like to look out at me and giggle, but a few "shhh's" later and they settle right down to sleep.  I thought I might get sick of doing it but actually, it's such a nice time to relax and I'm getting so much reading done!  Who knows how long it will last, but so far so good!
 On Saturday morning we decided to go watch some bikers, including Daddy, on the Tour de Tonka.  It's a popular bike ride that went right by our street this year.  Travis rode 65 miles and we met him at a rest stop near our house.  Believe it or not, it was cool enough to have light jackets on and rain boots!  It rained a lot the night before and was a little damp, so my kids jumped at the chance to wear their beloved boots :)
Classic Carter look. 
I'm guessing this was right before he told me "NO!!"
Good thing Ava is generally pleasant to counterbalance her brother's march toward the terrible two's! 
They waited and waited for their Daddy to arrive...
While I enjoyed my perch on the blanket.  Seriously, it was one amazing morning! I'm so ready for Fall!!
We found him! 
Carter had to try his "hat" on...
...and so did Ava.
Good job Daddy!!  In classic fashion, Travis has not spent one minute on his bike this year but decided to jump in this ride and bike a casual 65 miles.  He is unbelievable to me!  His friends chose to go on to the 100 mile ride, but thankfully for us he wrapped it up at 65. 
 Are those boots hilarious or what???  He was so darn cute!
 Daddy's girl!
 He is one lucky guy!!
Today we kicked our week off with Ava's first swimming lessons!  I can't believe we are embarking on those years, but here they are.  She has been SO excited about it, I think the Olympics have given her a new love for swimming.  She told me this morning that she would swim in the pool like this (making wild arm movements) and she would touch the wall and I would cheer for her!  Ha ha :) I told her she could count on me cheering no matter what!
Big girl
I couldn't resist a picture of those skinny legs and that backpack!
Waiting for the previous lesson to end so she can jump in!
One of our former students teaches lessons at her house and we are so thankful that she had room for Ava this week!
She's definitely not ready for group lessons yet, so the one on one thing is a good fit.
We go back for three more days this week and Miss Ava can't wait!  Tomorrow she's even getting an audience for her lessons :) Grammy and Grandpy couldn't help themselves and are coming up from Iowa for a few days to see us, ha ha!  Ava is very excited and of course, all geared up for them to "cheer for me!"  :)

We've got a packed week ahead of us but a really fun one, doing all the things that summer allows in Minnesota.  I am also trying to squeeze in a couple of design projects I have in the works, plus a wedding!!  The Armstrongs are not sitting around twiddling our thumbs these days :)

Hope you have a great week!!  Are you watching the Olympics??  I haven't even told you that we are CRAZY for them!  We're sleep deprived in fact, watching every night and soaking it all in.  We love a good back story and the opportunity to watch all these sports!!  I do not know how we will survive without them.  Football, I guess??  Bring it on! 

Have a happy Monday and a wonderful week!!

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