Christmas Card Carousel 2012

Every year my friend Faith, does a Christmas Card Carousel on her blog, where you can link up with hundreds of other people to share and see Christmas cards! I love doing it, it's fun to see what people choose and to see all the adorable cards out there.  I love this time of year when my mailbox is full of beautiful photos and people we love!  If you want to participate in Faith's link up, it is on December 17th this year.  Just go to her blog here and follow the instructions on the 17th!  It's easy and such a fun way to see all kinds of cards. 
Speaking of cards, I have been staying up late trying to get my cards designed and ordered before any more of December sneaks up on me!  There are so many websites that make amazing cards now but one of my favorites is Tiny Prints.  Have you heard of them?  They do all kinds of cards, photo-cards, announcements, etc. and they have a great selection of "Christian cards" that I really love.  Sometimes the religious section is pretty cheesy and lame on most sites, but their's is not!  I grabbed a few below that are darling for you to see.  If you haven't sent out your season's greetings, Tiny Prints is a great place to buy beautiful holiday cards! They have amazing customer service and you can even email back and forth with a designer to make sure your card is totally perfect before you order it.  They even have a sale going on that ends TODAY for:
Love this card, the snowflakes are darling all over the front and especially the back...

This one is one of my favorites!  So cute!

I'm always a sucker for stripes and I think this one is a great modern take on an old Christmas carol.
Love the traditional and elegant feel of this one. 
But of all of them, this one is my very favorite!  Love all the scripture and the heart of the Gospel on a card.  You can even customize this one (and many more) with different colors, if the blue is not your thing. 
Check out Tiny Prints, I think you'll really love them for you Christmas cards!

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