January 14, 2013

So, what's the date today?  Oh really?  Fourteen days into January and this is my first post??  (**crickets**)

Sadness abounds.  No thoughts on where to begin, just suppose I'll dive into a list.  Lists are what I do best.  Lists and sugar.  I seem to do very well at consuming sugar in all sorts of forms.  It's my generational gift that I've passed down squarely on the shoulders of...Carter.  Yes son, you're welcome for that.  If you're anything like your Dad, it won't ever be a problem for you and you'll just run off whatever you consume.  But if you're truly like your Mom, consider this my apology now.  It what it is.

Hmm, well....
What a perfect lead in to my musings on...???  Kids?  Life?  Theology? Marriage?  Weather?  The Golden Globes?  The flu outbreak?  Wood Wick candles??

Yes, it's all so riveting and on my mind at this particular moment in time.  How will I ever begin??  With a list?  Here goes.  In no particular order of course...

  • Downton Abbey.  It was the first thing I thought of just now.  I love it!  Love it, love it, love it.  It makes me so happy that it's on every week now.  Who would have thought we could actually wait a whole year for a show to come back on??  Well, the odds were defied and we did.  It's been a great start to season 3, hasn't it??  Those English, they just don't toy with ridiculous story lines and drag our emotions out too long.  I like that.  **SPOILER ALERT*** If you haven't seen episode 1 & 2 of Season 3, skip the rest of this.  You've been warned!  Ok, so for those of you who are watching, aren't you so happy about Matthew and Mary??  Their story line just makes me so happy.  I was totally expecting the writers to make that romance into another will they/won't they thing, but I'm so glad they didn't!  And after last night, who's excited about the money??  And the salvation of Downton.  Come on, no way was Cora going to move to "Downton Place" with a smile on her face!  At least Mary was honest, it would have been torture.  Now, the real news...Edith.  Oh boy.  That was awful!! Jilted at the altar???  Could they be more cruel to her poor character??  I'm really hoping we don't have to endure a season of her bitterness and depression, but I have a feeling that's where we're headed.  Sad.  I just knew there was too much happiness going on.  And Sir Antony was making me nervous staring straight ahead at that altar.  I had a bad feeling....
  • We're almost 2 weeks into the new year and I have no planner.  What??  I live and die by my Erin Condren life planner and I haven't even ordered my new one yet!  I can't believe it either.  I'm truly feeling like I'm flying by the seat of my pants, and I am.  I have a makeshift calendar that I'm using, but it's not making my boat float.  I'm used to my EC system and I'm missing it!  Guess what I'm doing when this post is over??  
  • Ava is sick today.  Like throwing up all night sick.  It's been a few hours since she tossed her cookies last, but I hate seeing her sick.  Even more, I hate the thought of it spreading through the rest of us...please Lord, spare us!  She was so pathetically sick and sweet last night.  She woke up at 2 am in tears and covered in vomit.  That's always a fun way to wake up :)  After we got her cleaned up, the bed stripped of her clean, white sheets I had just put on her bed a few hours prior (Thank you Alanis, that was SO ironic), and in the shower, she turned into a little chatty cathy.  She was cracking us up, but was also pretty sick.  We both got an hour or two of sleep while she threw up every half hour or so.  Thankfully we are vomit free since mid-morning, but she's had nothing more than some sips of water, so I'm not believing we're out of the woods yet.  Sweet girl.  It's a movie day for her today and so far that's the only thing that's given her reason to smile.  
  • Would you like an update on life with my new Kitchen Aid Mixer??  I know, why wouldn't you want an update on that??  Ha ha!  Well, as I expected, it's great!!  I use it constantly.  Last week I made (for our family and another one) some protein breakfast cookies, banana bread, chocolate cupcakes, butter cream icing, chocolate mocha cake (sense a pattern??) and some banana chocolate chip muffins.  And I shredded five chicken breasts in seconds.  That made me almost happier than all the chocolate!  The troops are eating well over here, but as for my new year eating healthy plan???  Not so much.  
  • It's freezing here.  Like under 10 degrees freezing.  It's winter, yada, yada, yada.  I don't love it when it's this cold however.  We have been indoors a lot in the last few days and I'm guessing we will be for the rest of this week too.  Our kids latest requested activity?  Riding their bikes in our underground (heated) garage.  They love it and beg us to do it.  Carter especially!  I'll have to take some pictures, it's hilarious.  All of our neighbors are getting a big kick out of it too.  The only drawback?  It's filthy down there. I'm insisting on them wearing old shoes, which usually puts a cramp in Miss Ava's style :)  
  • Last week I was all wrapped up in the drama over Pastor Louie Giglio essentially being forced out of his invitation to pray at the Inauguration, because of message He preached 18 years ago on the topic of Homosexuality.  I'm sure you've read about it, if you follow me on twitter, sorry for all the retweets.  I'll just say it's very sobering being married to a Pastor and watching our culture and government systematically reject Christianity and the Bible.  Travis and I are convinced it's only a matter of time before Pastors will be under fire for "hate crimes" and the tax benefits and exemptions Churches enjoy now will be stripped away.  And why?  Because we hold fearlessly to the Word of God in its' entirety.  These are eye opening days that shouldn't shock us, but should deeply sadden us.  I have no idea what we'll face in the coming years, but for the first time the book of Acts is becoming very real to us in a way that America has not experienced.  Thankfully, like the early Church, all this hatred for the Lord and the Gospel only fuels the fire to be obedient to the Lord, standing our ground and defending truth.  It's not an easy thought to imagine what will unfold from here, but the veils we've ignored for years are lifting and we (the Church) need to be prepared and ready to stand firm for the Lord, even if many are unwilling to do so and face persecution themselves.  Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!  
  • I have lots of thoughts lately about this blog.  It's been almost 7 years of blogging for me.  Can you believe that??  I can't.  I clearly remember starting this blog in what seems like another lifetime ago.  Over the years it's grown and morphed into several things, and the Lord has really used it in some significant ways.  And I've really loved it.  But there are times I feel the mounting burden to post and the stress of feeling like I'm so behind I don't know where to start and I consider getting rid of the whole thing.  It's also a little mind numbing sometimes to think about the creepy people who lurk out there, looking for ways to pervert innocence or use my kids/photos in ways I never intended.  I struggle to discern what's fear and anxiety and what's a prompting from the Holy Spirit to be wise.  I don't know what that means, other than to say that I'm wrestling with how to move forward.  It's so interesting to deal with technology in a way that our parents and the generations before them never had to or even dreamed of.  There are so many benefits, so many good things, but we're in uncharted waters as parents in 2013.  Lots of things to take into consideration, and to bring before the Lord for wisdom to discern what's best.  I will say, the thing I miss the most is the freedom to write what's on my heart and express the things I'm learning from the Lord.  I love to write and I love the outlet it's been.  So, we'll see where that leads me in 2013!  
  • Sure enough, just as I was wrapping this post up, my little Ava got sick again.  Sigh...I hate it when my kids are sick!  But when they are, I'm always reminded of how thankful I am to be the one home with them, not worrying about work or sick days.  I obviously want her to feel better, but I'm so glad I'm the one who gets to take care of her too!  So I'm off to be a Mom and a nurse... Happy Monday!  Hope it's been better to you than to me :) 

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