Missed Me?

Good morning, blog friends! It's been so long but yes, we are still alive! Unlike the last post I left you with, the snow has melted and summer is almost here.  Life is good, everyone is doing well and the weeks are just falling off the calendar at warp speed it seems. Anyway, just thought I'd pop in to say hello and catch you up a bit. Clearly I've gotten a little behind! 
I'm trying a little blogging from my phone today, we'll see how that goes. My computer is more trouble than it's worth right now so this seems oddly, easier? 
Travis took me on a surprise overnight to this quaint little bed and breakfast. It was very sweet and a much needed chance to just rest.  Our week was so crazy last week with 2 sick kids, a wedding and 9 grad parties...I barely survived and thankfully before we picked up the kids from my parents, he took me away to relax. So sweet! 
I did wake up this morning thinking, "Who is bringing coffee and our first course to our room this morning??" I could have gotten used to that little treat! 
I had a wedding this weekend that was outside in a beautiful garden at our local Arboretum. It turned out to be a gorgeous morning but only by the skin of our teeth did we make it! The weather has been all over the map and we escaped the rain just barely! Too stressful. Although that garden was beautiful, I'm all about indoor weddings where you can control as much as possible! 
It was a pink wedding, with some simple but beautiful bouquets of roses. I love this raspberry pink color, don't you? 
Up close and personal with the bouquets
The grinning bride waiting to see her man!
Cute bridesmaids in their pink dresses and pink flowers! 
The bride had a lace, burlap and pearls theme going on so I tried to incorporate that into her bouquet too. We actually used an old dress of hers for the wrap.  I cut apart her old, stained dress from childhood and used the satin sash and some lace as her "something old" detail. Kind of fun! 
Some details from the reception. It was a vintage themed wedding with a ton of set-up. I'm so glad it's over for that reason alone! I slept 12 hours on Saturday night...I was wiped!! 
These were my favorite arrangements of the whole thing. It's always fun to do some big sprays, so I was happy when they ordered these! 
I had these two amazing workers on my team, helping me pull off the big day. I also had my favorite helper, Travy! When we arrived the girls from the wedding party were arriving too and some of them knew him from Church. I heard one of them say, "Wait. Travis is the florist??" Ha ha ha ha!!! Poor guy, I have dragged him along to help me on so many of these things, he just laughs and goes with it! I love him! He needed the B&B just as much as I did! 
Anyway, we survived a crazy weekend and yesterday I picked up my babies again. We really missed them! They both had strep at my parents house and I'm so grateful to my Mom, Dad and sister for taking good care of them! 
So cute!!! Best Grampy ever :) 
I missed this little nut and her giggles in the car! 

Hope you had a great Monday too! I have another wedding this week and we have like 12 grad parties this weekend again...someone shoot me now! Thankfully the wedding is a tiny one and it's on Friday so it will be over sooner than later.  This is our last week before our summer stuff kicks in so I'm trying to enjoy the pockets of unscheduled time as best as I can! I've got some bedrooms that need cleaning up so I'm off to put my organizing hat on. 

Happy Tuesday, friends! 

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