Oh Boy!!!!

We had an exciting week this week! On Tuesday my youngest sister Jennie called with the news that her water broke and our nephew was on his way!  Thankfully for us, the timing was great for our family to make a quick trip to Iowa to meet this little guy!  Yay!!  So thankful that worked out.  
 We got into town about 24 hours after the baby was born and after a quick bite to eat we drove to the hospital!  What would a hospital visit be without a little time in the waiting room??
 Thankfully we didn't have to spend the night there like my parents did the night before  :) 
I'm not sure who was most excited to meet the brand new member of our family, but I do know two little people who couldn't wait to get their eyes on their newest cousin, Sawyer! 
 Such a tiny little peanut, just being in another hospital room with a bassinet brought back allllll kinds of memories and made our anticipated trip to the hospital in late June/early July very real! 
 We were thrilled to get our hands on sweet Sawyer and Ava in particular was OVER THE MOON about him, processing this whole thing and already looking forward to doing this again with Walker! 
 We just couldn't get enough of all those little features and fun to see those innate nurturing instincts kick in.  
 This about sums up Carter's reaction to the whole thing too!  Curious and happy but a little distracted too!  
 Ava on the other hand was smitten and THRILLED to be able to hold him (with lots of helpers and arms in place in case she needed help!).  
 Is this the cutest ever??  Smiling cousins already! 
 Look at that face, can you stand it??  Nope, me either.
This guy...He always looks handsome to me, but nothing melts my heart more than a newborn baby in his arms.  Can't WAIT to do that part all over again!  Some of my "forever pictures" cemented in my mind are of Trav holding our kids for the first few days of their lives.  Nothing better...
 Look at those toes!  Fresh! 
 So sweet, Grammy and two of her grandbabies! 
 Ava getting the details about when we all gathered in the hospital to welcome her into the world almost 5 years ago!!???!!!  Crazy how time flies.  
 And speaking of flying, the snow flew like crazy while we were in Iowa.  What was supposed to be like an inch quickly turned into an all day/night affair with TONS of snow.  
 The kids were loving it!  
 Happy to use their new shovels...
 ...and to be bundled up in the madness!
 It was beautiful yes, but very, very cold.  
 Those of us over 4 weren't quite so enamored with the fresh snow.  At this point, it's turning into a big blur as it seems every other day brings some sort of arctic freeze or blizzard.  
 But when viewed through the eyes of little ones, it also brings magical scenes of sleds and shovels and more snow than you know what to do with! 
 Nothing like sledding down the drift created by the bushes! 
It was a fun day for them to experience at Grammy and Grampy's but it did change our travel plans.  We weren't able to get home when we wanted to so we got to stay an extra night and leave very early this morning to be home in time for Church.  
 The upside is that we got extra time with Sawyer and his mommy and daddy! 
No one was sad about that  :) 
 Oh man, have you ever???
Everything about that face is just amazing, isn't it??
Although overwhelming and exhausting, those early days are my absolute favorite.  
Sleeping, eating and sleeping some more...just Heavenly~ 
 Oh Sawyer, you were worth the wait and then some!!  We just love you! 
 We are so glad we got to be there for your first few days.  
 Pretty soon we'll be doing a similar "family of 5" shot ourselves, although we won't be in sweatshirts and jeans!  
 Such fun to be an Auntie and to hold my new nephew as much as I could!
 We did lots of this for two straight days and it was perfect.  More than once I held little Sawyer in my arms while feeling Walker kicking and turning inside me...he must have known his cousin was finally here and waiting for his playmate to come in a few more months too!
 My little helper was by my side the whole time, holding him and loving every minute!  Suddenly I'm feeling very optimistic about the reality of an eager little helper come July!
We're so thankful that Sawyer is safe and sound and with us, and that his Mommy is doing great and his Daddy is in love too!  What blessed days these are...Now to do it again ourselves!  Being with a newborn made Travis and I very excited, it's not so overwhelming when it's number three like it is when it's your first.  I'm sure we have all kinds of ups and downs ahead but with some perspective and experience we know all too well that these days will pass quickly and the next stages will come swiftly.  These early days are days to cherish and enjoy, in between the sleep loss and extreme exhaustion. They are full of joy and gratitude to God and overwhelming love.  So happy for Dave and Jen and so thrilled for all of us who get to love their baby boy too!  What a fun weekend!!  
We love you Sawyer, don't get bigger until I can get back to Iowa and kiss your cheeks again!!  

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