Under the Sea with Ava!

Brace yourself, I'm posting a million pictures today from Ava's birthday party!  I'm so tired I can hardly spell my name, so I'm going to fly through these...We've officially hit the "birthday party stage" and today Miss Ava attended her own party, as well as another this afternoon, and she has two more next week!  Good grief!  I'm really happy Carter has a Fall birthday, we need a break from all the celebrating within our own family this month :) 
As we knew she would, Ava requested an Ariel birthday party months ago and today we spent the morning under the sea with some of her little friends.  To say she was thrilled is a major, major understatement! 
 She is our oldest, our only girl and this was our first go-round with a friend party so we learned some things!  I took the Party America route and made things easy on myself.  If they sold something with Ariel's face on it, I bought it.  This was not my year to make anything or get super crafty.  I went with easy and quick and Ava thought it all turned out so cute, which is really what we cared about most!  We have a great party room in our building, which was also a plus.  We were able to contain the chaos and not spend our time cleaning the house, something that is clearly evident if you were sitting in my living room tonight! 

We got up early this morning, got the room all ready and waited for some sweet princesses to arrive! 
 My hard-working crew :) 
 Ava is my daughter for sure, she was all about getting everything "just right" while we set up.  Wonder who she gets that from?? 
 So fun to enjoy this new stage in Ava's life!  We've milked the quiet family parties for the last 4 years, but this was so exciting to her and we were happy to love on her friends for a few hours too! 

 Our friend Maddie came along too, as our manicurist to the princesses!  
 All dressed and waiting for their pampering to begin! 
 I was so grateful to have some help from my dear friend Jill too!  She was a life-saver to me and my back today! 

 Lots of little nails and tiny nail art is not easy to do! 
 But totally worth it for those smiles! 

 Thanks Maddie!!
 Trav read to the girls from a darling book I found recently...
 ...and of course we had some cake! 
 The fondant Ariel made her second debut!  I was pretty thankful we got some extra mileage out of her on two cakes in two weeks! 

 This really made me laugh!  Gotta love 5 year olds!  Trav was clinging to his pants for dear life I think!
 Darling princesses! 

 What fun we had today!  We sure loved throwing a party to celebrate our girl.  She was out of her mind excited for the whole thing and it was a fun morning getting to spend some time with the friends she enjoys! 
We are totally wiped out from all the birthday fun and thankfully, this concludes our birthday celebrations for awhile!  Walker is up next, but his "party" involves a hospital stay and nurses who bring me food and pain pills whenever I need them.  Right now that sounds like Heaven!  Ha!  

Our little mermaid and her brother are sound asleep after a fun and busy day and we are right behind them.  In our old age I have no idea how we're going to pull these parties off for years to come!  HaHa! 
Good thing these little people are so worth the effort  :) 

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