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Happy Friday, y'all! 
In honor of my theme today, I thought I'd throw that y'all in there, haha!  Today I'm happy to finally be sharing Walker nursery with you! I've been full circle with this nursery ever since we found out he was coming.  Since we are indeed STILL living in the magic condo (1200 square feet +2 bedrooms + 5 people = magic!!) it took me a long time to decide if I really wanted to do a little nursery for Walker or if I should just give him a corner in our bedroom and let the big kids' room go untouched.  Ultimately I couldn't resist giving him his own space and I desperately wanted our bedroom to be "just ours" so after talking Travis into all the rearranging that needed to happen (again) we blazed ahead with Walker's nursery plan.  My patient husband will tell you I am anything BUT boring when it comes to our home! All of you who have been on this blogging journey with me for the last 7 years know that by now.  It's wise to not get used to any kind of permanent arrangement around here because when Mama gets the rearranging itch, it's best to just go with it! It's my little way of keeping life interesting  :) 

Anyway, I have been slowly bringing this all together, knowing our little guy wouldn't be in here full-time until around 3 months or so.  Just this week I finally got it finished and photographed and have started getting Walker on a napping schedule in here.  It's pretty fun to move him into this space a little bit at a time but also another sign that my baby is growing! 
If you'll remember and allow me to explain, this nursery has quite a backstory.  Last year I blogged extensively (and with tons of pictures) about the complete history and transformation of each room in our home during my 31 days series and you can click here to go back and revisit that if you'd like.  

But for a quick recap here is the breakdown of this nursery, maybe the hardest working square footage in our home! 

-2007: It served as intended, as our master walk in closet. And all the women said "amen" because it was one heck of a closet.  
-2010: It was transformed into Carter's nursery in the new "baby suite" (AKA, our former master bedroom. bathroom and walk in closet area).  This was the first official sign that the kids had taken over our lives, ha ha! 
-2012: It became the bunk room for Ava and Carter while the master bedroom turned into a big playroom.  Surprisingly, it worked perfectly with two bunk beds! 
-2013: Once we knew baby #3 was cooking, it returned to it's original glory as a closet once again while we moved the big kids out of their bunk room and into the big room. Not to be confused with the big house, wink wink!  It was SOOOOOO helpful to have this be one big closet/storage space and I drug my feet for a long time about giving that up.  
-2014: But here we are now and once again it is back to being the cutest, coziest little nursery ever! It will always shine as a great closet but it sure has become a darling and perfect space for our baby boys to spend their first year.  

And so, without further ado, here is what it looks like today...
Welcome to the Texas Ranger's little room! 
I wanted to do this as inexpensively as I could by using all of the same furniture and bedding we had for Carter, but also wanted to give it a personal twist for Walker.  I settled on a slight western theme.  Kind of a vintage cowboy look that would mix well with our chocolate brown and blue color scheme.  
This is the view from Ava and Carter's room, looking into Walkie's nursery. Behind that closed door is their bathroom.  

  I looked forever for some art in here and since I live in Scandinavian Minnesota, it was nearly impossible to find anything locally.  It's also nearly impossible to find anything that isn't terribly cheesy or tacky, but I was thrilled when I found these screen prints on Etsy.  I love them!  
 My Mom found a couple of things at Hobby Lobby for me, like this iron cowboy and the cross.  Travis has always loved that scene and it's all over in Texas, but we were excited when she found this in Iowa.  I toyed with leaving those stars up there or taking them down (they were still up from when Carter had them as a baby) but I kind of like the whimsical feel of them since this is a space for a baby still.  
 She also picked up that iron star (which I loved!) and then my sweet babysitter (from my childhood) made this darling name sign for us that just arrived last week!  Isn't it adorable??  I love it.  
 I have been using our room and our bed for a changing table lately, but I forgot how handy it is to have everything I need at my fingers on his "official" changing table.  
I've put up scripture in each of our kids' nurseries with the verses I chose to pray over them.  Walker's verses are Colossians 1:9-10 and I found this great picture frame at Homegoods to display them.  
That Cowboy hat we've had for a little while now, it belonged to Travis' Grandfather, Jack.  Affectionately referred to as, Paw.  I love that it hangs in here now!  I had totally forgotten about it as it lived in the top of our closet for awhile, but it is the perfect addition to this room.  That cute peg board is also a fun addition.  I've had it for about 5 years, before I ever had any boys after the little boys that I nanny-ed for changed up their rooms and their Mom asked if I wanted it?  So glad I said yes!  It's been in our dusty garage for several years as well but it looks so great in here.  

These prints I found are screen shots printed on old dictionary pages.  They are so cool in person, I love that they are re-purposed and handmade.  
I found those chippy picture frames also at Homegoods one night.  I didn't have the art in my hands, but took a chance that they might work and sure enough, they did! 
They might be my favorite things in his room! 

This is from the bathroom looking in...
...we have just enough room for everything we need in here.  I really do love being in here, it's so peaceful and cozy.  Especially when it's clean !
 It's such a great thing to have those closet shelves as well.  They give us some great storage! 

Love to sit in that little corner and rock with Walker.  That glider was a sweet hand-me-down from a student and her family when we found out we were pregnant with Ava.  It has served us SO well and is such a comfortable spot to hold a little one.  It also has a blanket on it that I've used with all three kids.  
And speaking of blankets, the same babysitter who made Walker's name sign also made this cute camo blanket for him!!  Isn't that fun??  It's so soft and thick, it will be perfect for Fall and Winter!  
Thank you Hannah!!
 What do you think Walker??  Do you like your new room?? 
We're spending more time back here, getting used to his new digs.  
 Just a cowboy and his trusty (stuffed) horse...
A cowboy who desperately wanted this photo shoot to be over!!  Ha ha!  

Thanks for taking our tour :) Considering it's really just a closet, we are so grateful it has transformed with us over the years and made having three kids in such a small space seem very possible and even cozy and cute! The Texas Ranger will have lots of happy times in here and Lord willing, many great naps and long nights of sleep too!  Can't wait to move him in here very soon! 

Happy Friday, y'all! 

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