5 Months Old

Walker, you are 5 months old!  
Time is just flying by and you keep growing and growing before our eyes!  I don't know any stats about you this month because we didn't have any doctor appointments, but I do know that you grew out of many of your clothes from the start of the month til the end!  You are such a sweetie and a great baby.  Here are tons of pictures from all the adventures of your fifth month, and yes, there were many! 
While not a great pic, it should be noted that at only 5 months, you have already attended 6 weddings! This was definitely the summer/fall of wedding invites and weddings your Daddy officiated. Mommy can't believe how many times you sat/slept/ate through wedding ceremonies and receptions but you were a trooper and you did great! 
This was also the month that you tried baby food for the first time!  After your last appointment, your Doctor wanted us to add some more calories to your diet so baby food became a reality in your life.  
You were very interested and eager to try...
...and you knew just what to do when we held the spoon up to your mouth! 
We couldn't believe we were already at this stage, it makes you seem so much older but we are thankful that you picked it right up and haven't had any problems digesting it or developing any sensitivities to it. 
We started this month with the classic rice cereal and oatmeal and then moved on to bananas, pears, apples, sweet potatoes and carrots.  
Mostly we loved seeing you at the table with us and until we decided what to do about a high chair, your bumbo seat was a good solution for awhile.  
 This was also a big month because we got to celebrate two holidays with you! 
 Your first Halloween was thankfully a beautiful and mild day.  
 You were darling as ever in your caterpillar costume, the same one your siblings wore on their first Halloween, too!
We celebrated at the Dahl's house and you slept through most of the evening inside where it was warm and cozy.  Next year you'll probably catch on to the abundance of candy and snacks everywhere, but this year it was a treat to have you be blissfully unaware.  
 We thought this might be the month when you finally rolled over from your back to your tummy...
 We got the biggest kick out of watching you get so close for weeks and weeks, your brother and sister giggled like crazy watching you and even you seemed to understand that you were SO close!  I love this picture of you, it's almost like you want to tell us, "Why can't I get this, Mom?  I'm trying so hard!" 
 Sure enough, one Sunday morning in November I was in the kitchen making breakfast when Carter ran to tell me that you were on your tummy!  I grabbed the camera and we all cheered when we realized you finally did it!  Your arm was stuck for a minute or so until you figured that out too.  
 No matter what you do Walker, you've got quite a cheering section ready to erupt and praise you! 
 All the attention made you pretty proud of yourself! 
You also started enjoying the johnny jump-up this month.  
At first you weren't quite sure what the big deal was...
...but you liked swinging in it and playing with the toys.  
I had a feeling by the next month you'd be a wild man in that jumper! 
 The only downside to this month is that you began to have some sleep regression.  Like clockwork, as soon as the time changed, you were thrown from your nighttime schedule and you started waking up several times in the night.  
We aren't fans of this new development.  In fact, we're feeling too old to be able to survive the lack of sleep, again!  Your Dad and I have bounced you, rocked you, walked you and held you for hours trying to get through it.  It's a good thing we love you and you're so cute, because otherwise this could have been a permanent mark on your record with us  :) :) :) 
Thankfully it doesn't seem to affect your naps, just bedtime.  I think that's a good thing, but then again, a full night of sleep is quite appealing.  
 In general, the world is your oyster right now.  You are discovering so many things, daily.  
 Like your reflection in this mirror!  You loved it! 
And the exersaucer!  Another new (to you) piece of equipment that we pulled out and discovered you were more than ready for.  It's one of your go-to spots now and you play and play in there for quite awhile.  We are glad you enjoy it so much!
The big adventure of the month was road-tripping to Texas.  
Amazingly, you were perfect in the car.  You did exactly what we hoped you'd do and stuck to a schedule that was so helpful and predictable.  We are so thankful you are a good traveler! 
 We wanted you to meet so many of your family members who love you! 
Especially your great-granny.  This picture and moment is so treasured to us now, as she is home with Jesus, just a few weeks after she met your sweet self.  How special for Daddy to get another 4 generations picture with you, his Granny and his Mom.  Ava and Carter have the same picture with Granny and we will always consider that such a blessing.  Her hand on your head is so sweet...she's left a beautiful legacy for you and our family, Walker.  
 While in Texas we celebrated your first Thanksgiving! 
 You are the cutest turkey of them all! 
 You got to go to the zoo for the first time, in Abilene.
 It was a little chilly and windy but you got lots of fresh air, you stared down lots of animals and then you snuggled up to go to sleep in your stroller.  
 As we said "hello" to the Christmas season, you sat on Santa's lap with no tears! 
 We introduced you to the magic and fun of December, although this year it probably just seemed like another day to you!
We are so thankful to have you in our lives Walker! 
With each month you continue to thrill all of us and adapt to your place in the family.  God was so good to us in the gift of YOU!  We love you so much, we enjoy you like crazy and we love watching you grow up.  
Happy 5th month, Walkie Talkie!  

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