Charleston Charm: Doors & Windows

I am a lover of architecture and even the simplest details are not lost on me.  That's part of what led me to major in Interior Design and what makes me fall in love with the city of Charleston every time I'm there.  It just oozes with Southern charm and around every corner and cobblestone street are some of the most gorgeous homes and well preserved pieces of history, dating back to the 1800's. I told my sister one of my hopes on this trip was simply to have the time to stroll downtown and take pictures. I may or may not have been teased about photographing every window and door I fell in love with, not to mention the window boxes that really bring my worlds together...architecture AND flowers, how could I resist?!?!  So to further my case for encouraging you to visit the South Carolina low country, here is a series of Doors and Windows for you to enjoy! Just pouring through these again takes me back to this amazing period of history when every stately home was intentionally crafted by artisans and designers, bringing influence from Europe and beyond to our shores, and managing to still dazzle us centuries later.  Enjoy! 

It's just almost too much, isn't it?? Hard to believe these are all real homes and in this case, a hotel.  Simply beautiful and a Southern treasure! 

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