Ten Months Old

Walker, you're ten months old! 
You are quickly leaving babyhood behind and trying so hard to usher toddlerhood in! More than ever you are aware of what your brother and sister are doing and you are trying so hard to keep up with them! You are so darling to watch. 
You are a sleeping champ, napping so well and for hours at a time in the morning and the afternoon. You're in a good groove Walker and we are thankful! You love to eat table food, preferring pureed baby food most, as well as bananas, bread, waffles and pancakes. You drink several bottles a day and always drain them dry. You are never one to turn food down! 
You love when your sister and brother will sit with you and play. Mommy and Daddy also fill this need, but I think you prefer them more! 
You started working those gums pretty hard this month, we can't believe you haven't gotten a tooth yet but it sure seems like one is coming! 
When we come to get you from your nap every day, you are always so thrilled to see us! You pop right up, grinning every time and usually start clapping too. 
You go to bed around 7:00pm every night and usually sleep until 6:00-6:30. You rarely fuss about bedtime, you've usually worn yourself down before 7pm rolls around. You love to sleep with your paci, several soft blankies, and your giraffe! You are JUST like your big brother  :) 
You've shown no signs of walking yet, but you do crawl like a maniac now and you are working on pulling yourself up. You are like a little explorer, all over the house and into anything you can reach!
As the weather has warmed up, you love to be outside with us in your stroller. We like to take you for long walks and you love to kick your legs up on the front of the stroller, like you're lovin life!
I love those big eyes peeking out of that stroller! 
You are so intrigued with our porch, now that the weather is warm. You love to peek out the glass doors and check out all that is happening. I love when you tuck your little feet under yourself like that!
Your temperament is so happy and content. You are easily entertained right now and there is no shortage of things to put in your mouth around here.
You spend so much time crawling around, checking toys out, following Ava and Carter or just flinging toys here, there and everywhere. These are sweet days with you!
You look a lot like Ava as a baby, but as you get older you are favoring Carter more and more! I loved you boys in those Hawkeye shirts! Our future linebackers maybe??
Much to my delight, you still love to snuggle with your Mama and I am always up for it!
You've started enjoying the Disney Channel in the mornings with Ava and Carter. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is your favorite and it gets your attention every time. I love your little matching profiles here! 
Because it's spring in Minnesota, the weather is all over the place so sometimes we have to bundle up on the porch! 
But you don't mind, you're so happy to be out there. You love watching the neighbors and the cars that drive down the street and we like to bring your favorite toys out there and the beautiful quilt your Nana made you. 
Just like we thought, toward the end of the month you did pop two little teeth through your gums, at the same time! They are on the bottom and they make you look so old  :) 
You are so sweet Walker!
 This has been a fun month with you, buddy! With each week I feel like your world keeps getting bigger and you get more and more excited about it. 
You have been such a delight and a joy to us!
Your personality is coming out with each month and we love discovering more about you. You are getting more vocal and opinionated these days, you love to laugh and you love when we sing to you! 
You also have the best little smile! Your round cheeks are from your Great-Grandpa Hausman and I think you have the perfect smiley-face smile! You can be so shy sometimes and you aren't a fan of going to just anyone, you definitely know your people and like to stick close to us. 
 Your Daddy can get you going more than anyone else, he gets you giggling with a belly laugh that is hysterical!
 Ava is your safe place and the one who loves to help you. You relax around her and I can tell you already trust her! She's the best big sister and sometimes my right hand girl!
Carter is a typical big-brother, you two are rumbling more and more these days but Carter is also the one who loves to snuggle you tight and kiss you like crazy! I think you will be thunder and lightening as you grow up, trying to out-do one another and creating the perfect storm together. He loves you so much Walker, we all do!  This has been another month of joy and excitement watching you grow! 
Happy 10th month, buddy! 

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