Preschool Field Trip

After Carter started preschool this Fall, I signed up to go on his first field trip to the Apple Orchard. I went on this same trip with Ava and loved it, so I knew I would want to share it with Carter. 
He was thrilled I was coming with him (can't you tell!?!?!) but mostly he was thrilled we were riding on a school bus! 
And to top it all off, we got to ride with his buddy Markus. It was a good day to be Carter!  We did all the things you do at an orchard, we went on a hay ride, saw the trees dripping with apples, sampled a few ourselves, learned about the process of pollination, and had fun!

It was such a fun morning together, I'm so glad we could share this little trip. I loved watching Carter with his buddies and teachers, he is one cute little preschooler! 

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