Oh the Hustle and the Bustle...

What would December be without crazy schedules, errands that never end, and the anticipation of a Christmas vacation???  We are just coming off all of that and almost ready to leave the hustle and bustle behind, but not yet :)  We've had a great week, but we are both so tired, and so thankful that it's almost over!  

Tomorrow starts our vacation (for the most part) and we cannot wait!!  We have a fun day planned for just the two of extended date you might say.  We were so blessed by someone, we don't know who, with several generous gift cards and so tomorrow we will be spending them by shopping, eating out and going to a movie.  We've been so busy, I feel like I've hardly seen Trav lately, so I'm glad to have him all to myself tomorrow.  We'll also get to hear little Ava's heartbeat tomorrow at my 24 week check, which always makes our day :)  Then I'm getting a much needed trim from my favorite hairstylist (and friend) and then we're off to spend free money!  The best part is that we can sleep in tomorrow morning a little bit, something we haven't been able to do lately.  It kind of makes me want to get my jammies on now just to extend it! 

Tonight we are going to our Church Christmas concert.  I have been working for the last 2 nights after work, decorating the stage.  We came up with something new to try, which I'm very happy with, but it was almost the death of me.  You know how you have something designed in your head, but when it comes time to flesh it out, it isn't working like you thought?  Let's just say that I've had several waves of panic in the last 48 hours, but it all got done and no one has called to tell me that it fell apart today!  I'll try to get some pictures tonight, if I can remember, but given how tired I am, I am making no promises :)  

On top of this busy week, I am coming down with a cold.  It doesn't surprise me, it's FREEZING here, literally the high on Monday was -10, with a wind chill of like -20 or something??  It's hard to stay well when you're constantly going in and out of the cold, but I have been trying to bundle up as best I can.  I really should take a picture of me in my winter's so tight now and so funny looking!  I'm literally poured into it :)  I am going to be on the lookout for a maternity coat after Christmas, but that is not an easy task.  They aren't very cute and I need a really warm one to survive here!  We have tons of snow and we're getting a big storm's really beautiful outside.  I'm also desperately in need of some boots, so I will be purchasing some tomorrow.  It's impossible to live here without a good pair and especially when you're pregnant!  It would not be good if I fell on the ice.  I'm also getting to the point of not being able to bend over and tie my shoes without pain, so I'm looking for easy on and easy is really out the window at this point!  

I hope you've had a great week, without too much stress.  I keep trying to remind myself of why we celebrate Christmas and what the point of all this is when I get overwhelmed.  It's so hard not to neglect time with Him just because I have a long to-do list.  But this season is truly all about Him, so I'm looking forward to worshipping tonight and just making my heart quiet before Him... He is the reason for the season after all.  I so badly don't want Him to get my leftovers, but I'm so close to that with the pace I've been keeping... the good news is, it's never too late to correct that.  Hoping you are enjoying this cold night.  Blessings to all my blog friends!


AmandaHoyt said...

Have a great appointment and fun day tomorrow.
Hugs and prayers,

Rebecca said...

Have a blast tomorrow! Jeremy usually has off the whole week of Christmas(although he may work a couple days this year) so I am hoping to get a babysitter and have a whole day to hang out and go to a movie or something. A couple months from now I will have a sweet girl constantly on me(nursing) if she's anything like her brother(who was literally on me 24/7 because he couldn't stay awake and eat!), so I am in need of a little "being a couple" time before that!
Hope the musical went great! So, what are you going to do after Ava is born? Are you still nannying now? Take care!

Rebecca Jo said...

Enjoy your time together!! Hope your cold is just a little sniffle!

And love the picture on your header... such a beautiful couple!