Pre-Christmas Festivities in Iowa

After we all got in, we took a day trip to Des Moines to shop in the afternoon and then go out for dinner before seeing this great comedy, Triple Espresso.  If you haven't seen it and they are in a city near you, you HAVE to go!  It is hilarious and so much fun, and totally clean...and that takes creativity and a great sense of humor!  I highly recommend it.  We all loved it, even Ava, who was kicking enough for my sister Jennie to feel her :)  

Travis and I at the restaurant, Centro.  It was YUMMY.  I could have eaten that bread all night!!

Stacie and Jesse, feeling much better after the travel day from you-know-where!  Finally Jesse was not in pain.

Jennie and Dave.  It was a nice break for Dave to be a patron at a restaurant, instead of in charge.  He is the sales manager (I think that's right) at Olive Garden, so he knows all the stress and work behind the scenes. *** Updated, I've been corrected, Dave is the culinary manager now :) ***

My Dad and Mom, the gracious gift givers.  Thanks for such a fun day and night out!  It's so fun to all be together, laughing and making memories :) 

And this was how we left poor Ryley, seconds after he realized we were all getting in the car and he wasn't.  Is that not the most pathetic look you have ever seen??  Good thing he's loved and spoiled rotten!!  

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Jennie said...

he was the sales manager, then the service manager, and now he's the culinary manager. :)