3 Months Old

Ava, we can't believe you are 3 months old already!!  Where is the time going?  
You are growing right before our very eyes and we are loving it!  You are the sweetest little girl and with each passing day, we get a glimpse into who you are and who you will become.  In the last month, we've seen you make some incredible strides.  You are definitely not the "newborn" we brought home from the hospital.  You are doing so many things now, I feel like I have to run for the video-camera all the time!  Here are some pictures of what you have been up to lately...
For weeks now, every time we look at  you, you've got your tongue attached to something!  You are exploring your world with that tongue and licking every thing in sight!!  All of your clothes now have "wet spots" from you :) I don't know what you are learning, but you sure seem to explore anything in your reach with that tongue! 
I've decided you've definitely got my hair baby.  Get used to it now, we are born with stick, straight hair!  So many people told me yours would fall out, but I'm so glad they have been wrong!  You haven't lost a single strand and now it's even getting longer!  We LOVE it.  Daddy and I call you our "wild redhead" because you often have the craziest hair and even some attitude to go along with it!  What are we going to do when you're a teenager??
We started out your 3rd month with those dreaded shots, remember?  Mommy cried, you screamed and Daddy choked back tears.  But, you were fine in a couple of minutes and didn't seem bothered at all by them later.  Your little body is growing, but you're still so long and skinny, we just get a kick out of you!  Because you are getting a little bigger, we moved you up from newborn sized diapers to size 1.  They are pretty big on you still, but we know you'll grown into them too.  You seem to have no buns Ava!!  We keep looking for them, but they haven't shown up yet :) 
Ava, you started crying real tears this month and every time you did, you broke your Mommy's heart.  You look like such a big girl when you're upset now, but you still have that brand new baby's cry.  We had some real fits this month as you seem to be heading down the "strong willed" path...hmm, I wonder who you get that from??  Recently, you've also started straightening your legs when you're mad, just like a stiff board!  We think it's so funny, but you are incredibly strong.  We have to hold onto you tight when you're not happy :) 
You continue to be a great sleeper, sweet Ava.  You've been in your own room and your beautiful crib for over a month now. On average you are sleeping 9 hours for us, although we got excited when you even hit 10 hours a few nights ago!  You respond to your nighttime routine so well.  Daddy has a special time with you every night while he feeds you, rocks you and puts you to bed.  I think you're both going to love this time for years to come. 
Did I mention how cute you still are?? In fact, your personality just makes you cuter!  You are extremely expressive and full of smiles for us and anyone who talks to you.  We are so in love with you Ava!
This month was a big one for Mommy and Daddy because we put you in the Church nursery for the first time.  This picture was taken after Church on the first Sunday we did it.  Mommy cried again and Daddy checked on you between services, but you did great!  Judging by this picture, I think you even liked it :) The nursery workers said you held on to your bunny the whole time they had you!  We'll get to that bunny in a minute...
We've learned what it takes to calm you down now Ava, especially when we put you in your carseat.  You love to be strapped in with your paci, your bunny and a blanket over your feet.  You get so cozy and you just suck away on that paci.  We NEVER leave the house without all three things!
We've also discovered how mellow you get when  you are outside.  You seem to love the fresh air, so we take you on walks as much as possible.  The wind blows your hair and we laugh when you sneeze from the sun. Those are memories your Dad and I will always hold with us from these early months.  We just love being out with our girl. 
Your stroller is so comfortable looking, we often wish we could trade places with you!
Mommy loves putting bows in your hair Ava.  Someday you will probably fight me on this, but for now you don't even know it's there.  And, your hair is long enough that I don't have to use a headband if I don't want to!  What a sweetie you are :) 
Ava, we went on our first church trip with you this month.  We took you to family camp and you were WONDERFUL the whole week.  Your Mom and Dad were exhausted, but you didn't skip a beat!  
You even saw your first fireworks show!!  It happened to be cold out, so I made Daddy put a hat on you and mittens so the bugs wouldn't get you.  I also panicked that you might get hearing loss, so I kept holding my hands over your ears!
You didn't seem to mind though, you just kept staring at the sky with big, wide eyes.  It was so fun for us to have you out on the 4th of July!
We also introduced you to the pool this month  and you loved it!  I think you're going to be a water bug like your Daddy.  
Mommy was so happy about it, because that meant I got to shop for more cute swimming suits, like this strawberry one!  You looked so little in it :) 
You are doing so much more with your hands and feet now and you love to have anything soft up by your face.
I swear you were playing hide and seek with me here.  You kept peeking out at me from behind your little softie.
We decided to try you in your excersaucer, a month early, and guess what...You were thrilled!  
We captivated you with all the noises and movements it makes, you just stare at everything around you.  
And we have to pad you in there with a blanket, just so you don't fall through the seat!  It's so funny to see, but it gives you one more thing to do during the day.
We love to watch you soothe yourself Ava.  You are getting better at it, now that you have your bunny!
I like to take you around the house in our new wrap.  It helps me get lots of things done and you get to look around and take it all in.  I'm so glad you like it.  
Staring back at Daddy's funny faces :) 
And even giggling a little too!!
You are such a little blessing to us Ava!!  We LOVE you more and more and we can't get enough of you.  Three months has gone by so fast, but we are enjoying every single second with you.  You are the best thing to happen to Mommy and Daddy!!  
Happy 3 months baby girl :) 


Faith said...

She truly is a little doll! And that hair, oh my, it is so sweet and perfect for bows =)

Glad y'all are doing so well!

LyndsAU said...

she is just precious!! tha thair is gorgeous!! great post and glad to hear you are all great!

Jesse and Stacie said...

Oh my gosh!! She is getting soooo "big"(not literally, she's still tiny). I LOVE the pictures with her bunny, haha. The fireworks picture with the long blanket is hilarious. That's so funny that you cried when you took her to the nursery (I'm sure I'll be the same way some day!) She's so sweet-give her a million hugs and kisses!! xoxo Aunt Stacie

Toni:O) said...

Awww...she has such a little expressive personality on that little face of adorable. Glad you're having so much fun and that she's a good baby for you. Yay!

Erin said...

I can't believe how big she is getting! Really where does time go?

Heather said...

I can't even find words for how sweet she is, you are, and this post is!!! I love reading it and I know you will be so glad and blessed to look back and have it all recorded someday!
You guys seem to be doing GREAT!

Peggy & Ron said...

That sweet little pointy chin!

DeDe said...

So precious! Boy time does fly quickly, doesn't it? What a great way to document the moments in her life!

all up in each others bizness said...

excersauce warning: she will get leg muscles you can't imagine...exspect an early walker...just say'n :) kids both LOVED it...i had an 8 month and a 10 month walker on my hands!!!